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Update to my playboy pink mustang !

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History just keeps getting better


As a lot of collectors know in here, I sold a lot of my monster Mercury and extra Roosevelt dimes to obtain a one rare car. I have done a ton of homework and I found out that only 2 playboy pink convertibles were built in the whole state of California special order color. The dealership that sold this car was in Pasadena,CA at Robert H Cloud Ford. What makes this story more interesting is that, this dealership is only 30 miles from los angles,Which is the location of the playboy mansion. Now 47 years ago los angles was not as big as is now. I have hired a private investigator in California to do a microfilm DMV search to find the original owner and a copy of that title. I have my fingers crossed to what he finds. If this car had anything to do with Hue Hefner or any playmate, the value will increase ten fold.. Wish me luck. Here is a pic of the car for all the new ppl in NGC registry



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Nice car but then all Mustangs from the 60's are nice and bring a premium. I had 2 myself. As to ownership, unless the playmate went on to become famous for whatever, I doubt if it would increase the value just because it belong to a Playboy bunny. (It would have to be a name that is known) Would like to know more specifics about the car, and see photo's of interior, engine compartment, mileage, etc., etc. Maybe if it was owned by "Hef" might add a few bucks to it. If you think the original owner might bring a premium, give Mecum a call and they will tell you. They just sold "ELEANOR" from Gone in 60 seconds for a cool Mill. Anyway they will know. Good luck


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This is not any other mustang.. in 1967 you had to go to the ford dealer and ask them for special paint WT9036.. Playboy pink was not on any color charts ford used. Ford did not wont to be affiliated with a riskey magazine where women took there clothes off. This is why none of the color charts had this color.

Within the last 30 years the color really came to light because ppl mind set became to change.

In 1968 Ford accepted the color and called it passionate pink. Playboy pink name is only referred to that specific color in 1967.


Back then almost every option in a mustang was extra even the AM radio

Some mustangs never came with a radio ,automatic transmission or seatbelts.

Ford actually gave you a 15.00 cash refund if you didn't want seatbelts.


What separates this mustang from a lot was this thing was fully optioned

Here is the breakdown of all the extra options this car had and whoever wanted this car was checking off almost every option


Special order Paint


Automatic trans

V-8 289

Air condition

Power steering

power brakes

Tilt steering

Deluxe interior package

Deluxe exterior package


Console- "this is the only playboy pink conv. to have one"

Luggage rack

turn signals in the hood


This was far from a plain jane car

And if it had anything with hue or a playmate of the month , Its value will tremendously increase.


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Hope this helps in your search. I found the very first "pink" mustang given to the playmate of the year for (1964) Donna Michele.

below is the link to the website and her car. Her's obviously wasn't as decked out as the one you're looking at. (no luggage rack, no turn signals in the hood, etc.)

Anyway, always happy to help a fellow car enthusiast. If I can help in any other way shoot me a PM. I still think Mecum is your best resource for FMV on your pink stang


Best of Luck



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