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Identifying an error coin

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Hi, everyone. New collecter here looking for help.


I'm having trouble identifying an error. It is similar to the images of clad errors I've seen but, the underlying copper does not show through the outer layer.

The coin is an US state quarter (Pennsylvania, Denver mint). The area in question is slightly lower than the rest of the surface and continues nearly around the entire "outline" of the coin (from the inside edge) and is all silver in color. Like I said, the copper does not show through and I don't know exactly how to classify it. Is it a lamination error? I can't locate a picture of a lamination error so I can't be sure.

I have a few others like it with varying degrees of length and width and from both P and D mints.


A B&W scan of it is on my MSN Groups page (direct link to the page - 333K .gif). You can see a slightly lighter grey color where the error is around the outer edge of the coin.

Sorry about the poor image quality but, I'm working with a dinosaur of a computer and scanner. I'm trying to get a digital image of all of these coins for better identification and possible sale values.


Any help/opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Bubbled plating

These planchets have gases trapped between the core material and the plating.


Included Gas Bubble

Gases from the melting of the alloy may become trapped, producing bubbles in the planchet.




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Brian - those marks in front of Washington's face look like clashmarks (one also runs through his bust), though I can't seem to match them up with the reverse design on the Penn quarter. It's tough to say for certain from your image. I wonder if it's possible for these to clash with the reverse from another state quarter design.

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The marks in front of Washington are just scratches. All of these coins were circulated (I worked with a company where I had plenty of time to trade them coins that they would give customers in change).

Unfortunately the only sites I've had time to look at say nothing about lamination errors except one ecoinprices.com and they don't have images.

I decided I can't think of them as lamination errors since they don't have any missing surface material. They seem to be missing some core material.

I don't think the errors are from trapped gasses as the problem areas don't extend over the rim. They are confined to the inside edge of the rim and only affect the inner face. maybe they are flan errors of some sort?

I guess I'll have to send one of them off to ANACS, PCGS or NGC to have it investigated and properly identified.

Anyway, thanks for the replies.

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