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post #2 the laughing part.

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great looking 1958-D Franklin Silver Half Dollar


2 walking liberty silver hal dollars 1944, 1945


1942D , 1945 Silver walkers.


two (2) Walking Liberty Half Dollars: a 1936 P and a 1944 P. Also, two (2) Mercury Dimes: a 1936 P and a 1944 S. They are mounted in round air tight cases


example url for the next few items

Are you ready for this obsessive compulsive behavior example foreheadslap.gif

3928265224 1937 Mercury Silver Dime US Coins 1 US $1.25 US $1.25

3928265239 1939 Mercury Silver Dime US Coins 1 US $0.38 US $0.38

3928265279 1941 Mercury Silver Dime US Coins 1 US $0.38 US $0.38

3928265346 1942 Mercury Silver Dime US Coins 1 US $0.38 US $0.38

3928265372 1942-d Mercury Silver Dime US Coins 1 US $0.80 US $0.80

3928265400 1943 Mercury Silver Dime US Coins 1 US $0.28 US $0.28

3928265418 1943-d Mercury Silver Dime US Coins 1 US $0.28 US $0.28

3928265457 1944 Mercury Silver Dime US Coins 1 US $0.28 US $0.28

3928265514 1944-d Mercury Silver Dime US Coins 1 US $0.28 US $0.28

3928265521 1945 Mercury Silver Dime US Coins 1 US $0.28 US $0.28

3928265751 Classic 1924 Mercury Silver Dime US Coins 1 US $3.75 US $3.75

3928265804 Classic 1925 Mercury Silver Dime US Coins 1 US $1.26 US $1.26

3928265837 Classic 1926 Mercury Silver Dime US Coins 1 US $3.75 US $3.75

3928265868 Classic 1927 Mercury Silver Dime US Coins 1 US $3.26 US $3.26


Subtotal: US $16.61

Shipping and handling via Standard shipping service:

(includes any seller handling fees) US $14.82

Shipping insurance (optional) : US $1.50

Seller discounts (-) and charges (+): US $0.00


Total: US $32.93




Payment instructions Paypal accepted from instant bank transfers, echecks, or from existing funds. NO CREDIT / DEBIT CARDS. Money order, cash or Personal check (must clear) accepted. For multiple auctions won on the same day, take the highest S&H and add $.99 for each additional auction.


confused-smiley-013.gif Maybe the hurricaine is inhibiting my thinking but not my bidding fingers. So how bad was this rate job? And like I said I know this cant be answered anytime soon.

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Kudos for your enthusiasm, Mel but remember "Buyer Beware". I would suggest that since you are interested in acquiring generic classics, then perhaps you should buy some circulated roles of Mercury dimes and Walking Liberty half dollars. These can be acquired rather inexpensively through adds in Coin World and Numismatic News. Plus it will give you a chance to become more acquanted with the coin market and will be a little easier on your pocket book. As a traveling cat scan technologist, I make pretty good money and I made quite a few less than optimal purchases in my enthusiasm when I returned to coin collecting a few years ago. I've become much more seasoned since then and now am very careful on my purchases now-a-days. I've done my homework, taken seminars, become friends with board members and have not made a bad purchase in some time now. I still love the hobby, am just as enthused but am just a little more educated now. Best of luck!


p.s. What scanner do you operate?

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Coin prices aren't bad but the shipping and handling killing the deal, watch that there's a lot of people who make thier money on S&H and not the coins.

Buying low priced coins one at a time defeats getting them cheap.

Tell me some things your interested in and I try to make you up a package.

Smitty screwy.gif

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If you are buying what you like then you are on the right track. You are not buying coins that will appreciate in coming years, which might not be your ultimate goal anyway.


I think your best deal may have been the set of Buffalo nickels, but I can't judge the condition from the little scans. As stated, I would try to go to a shop since you are getting hammered on shipping.


Honestly, if I was sellling those coins to you $6.00 - $8.00 would be the maximum I would charge for shipping since they could easily all fit in 1 small box or padded envelope and be sent first class or priority for $4-$6 bucks.

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Hey fellow radioactive friend. I just went to California to the headquarters of Toshiba and spent a weak learning on a Asteon 4 slice helical. We upgraded from GE to the new CT unit about a year ago. It is awseome. We have the Vitrea unit that goes with it and can basically scan anything and reconstruct into 3D. It comes with cardiac gating, flythrough series, which means you can actualy scan a patient and create a movie that flies through the patients vessels, colon whatever. It has 2 monitors, 1 for scanning and the other for filming or multiplanar reconstructions which are separate from the vitrea monitor. We can do colonoscopies without a scope. Great huh? They have just come out with a 16 slice unit but I know our little facility wont get that for another 20 years. Ha-ha. What part of the country do you travel around and what company do you work for. We are always using travel techs, especially those that know CT.

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I do have multiple goals. I want to purchase silver dollars and half dollars for my father. I would prefer to purchase better grades. I am also looking for authenic war bonds from around 1943. I know they are of no value but my father spoke about these bonds or stamps or whatever that they had to use to purchase sugar and so forth. So for sentimental reasons I have been looking for older coins and such for him also.

Next I am interested in the coins that are not from my generation. I mean I want a 2 cent and a 3 cent. Now I found one that looked bronze and it was prettier than the nickel one. I also want all the old coins from the mid 1800's that are not ever seen. I havent picked a certain collection yet and as of right now I want a good readable coin but I am not as interested in reselling yet. Later down the road when I find what I like I will start a real collection that is for value reasons.

I would love a Morgan from Carson City. But I cant afford one of these yet. And the older coins that are colorful, ya'll call toning are beautiful. The indian heads, buffalo's barbers, walking liberty,. See this is my problem I am so new to this that I want examples of everything and therefore I am not using good judgement. I will try to control myself. This page will also go in my lessons folder. I am collecting every piece of advice I get to review before I purchase anything else.


As I always say ya'll are the greatest. cloud9.gif

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Hi Mel.


Sorry for straying from the coin topic for a moment. Now, EVP is the self-appointed forum moderator and I know that I'll catch heck from him for it. grin.gif


I've been a tech for 12 years. Went to UNLV after the navy. Have been doing CT's for the past five and traveling for the past three. Have worked for the following agencies: Aureus, Heartland and now with AllMed. Have worked on GE, Siemens and Picker and a Phillips MRI scanner. Much prefer the Siemens multi-slice scanner. The 16 slice has the same software that you mentioned above. Worked full-time in hospitals in Vegas until 2001. Since then I've worked in Nebraska, Maine, Missouri and Washinton state. Normally extend for each assignment.


p.s. My mega-sized, prehistoric cannine is a St. Bernard that goes with me everywhere that I do. Advance published an article that I wrote about us in Feb. 2003.


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