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From the Nevadaman's FS nickel collection!

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Hi everyoneMy 1943-D has finally arrived from the Nevadaman's collection, B&M auctions in Pittsburgh, PA. I'm really pleased with it although the coin has some minor flaws. But they don't hold this coin back! The quality leans strongly in the EDS strike, high grade and 6 step arena!

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Here are some closeup shots. In a couple of the blowups the wide rim can be seen. I'm half tempted to crack this baby out so I can see this coin in it's entireity with the wide rim! Also check out all the points of interests that show the splits and serifs! The sections of the letters, how they overlap in I and B and butt up to each other as can be seen in the letters M and W. Also take note of the indents at the end points of letters E and S.

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Thanks for looking! Leo

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Thanks Hoot

The coin is actually a brilliant white coin with a tint of gold and not the gold color shown in the pic! The streaks on the coin is dark toning! When tilting the coin, at one angle it's there, at other angles it's not. It's kind of neat nonetheless.



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That is definitely a no-brainer full-step specimen.


I have a mint state 1891 S Seated Liberty dime that is the same as you described. At a certain angle, one can notice a dark area but it totally disappears at a different angle. Strange. And it doesn't dip out either. Do you think it is die grease or what? Any comments would be appreciated.

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I thank everyone with the nice comments but personally I grade it a MS66! I'd post

a pic why but just take my word for it! 27_laughing.gif But rather, I want to go ahead and post the rest of my findings from the Nevadaman's collection. Keep in mind that I wrote this over three weeks ago so here it is!

Folks, I can't stand it anymore, I need to spill the beans about the overall quality of Nevadaman's collection.....per coin that is! I had my sights set on the 39-S, 46-S and the 48-D for it's quality and strike and also that it showed most of the 6th step but it was somewhat weak. The 44-P had some very nice toning but there were too many hits on the forehead and cheek. So I passed on that one up as well. I liked the 45-P & D, 49-D, 51-D for their qualities and strikes, including the 59-D. The 54-D, the one I drove 600+ miles to see unfortunately had a long scrape in the hair. The 46-S was very colorful and I would of liked to have owned it but I messed up and missed out on the bidding. It probably would have went beyond, my max bid of $1000 anyway.

Here are my opinions on a few of the other coins.

As I go over these coins and give my opinions on them, feel free to check the pictures of each coin at the B & M website.

I thought the 38PD were not FS. $748 and $299!

38-S although not certified as FS, a very nice coin and did not sell.

39 was below average for it’s assigned grade, nick on cheek. Sold for $259

The 39-D (did not sell) & S ($863) were very nice!

40 was very nice! $1955!

40-D was very nice but did not sell!

The 40-S PCGS MS67FS had nicks on the cheek and steps but had excellent toning. It was overgraded and sold for $2875!

The 41 PCGS MS66FS had less than a full strike. Sold for $230

The 41-D PCGS MS67FS was very nice but did not have 6 steps. Sold for $690!

41-S was nice for the grade, $1035!

The 42 PCGS MS66FS actually graded MS64 or less, there were just too many nicks on Jefferson’s portrait. Sold for $949!

The 42-D PCGS MS67FS was very nice but not as nice as mine.grin.gif $1150!

The 42-P PCGS MS67FS graded MS66. Sold for $518!

The 42-S PCGS MS66FS had a cut in the hair. $546!

The 43-P was nice for the MS66 grade. $75!

The 43-D, nice and 6 steps but had a slightly rough cheek. My coin now! $259! I personally grade it MS66.

43-S was very nice and a 6 stepper! Did not sell!

44-P was nicely toned but had several nicks on forehead and cheek. Grades MS65 at best. Sold for $259!

44-D PCGS MS67FS had a faint mark on cheek, probably should have been graded MS66! $242!

44-S was overgraded with small nicks on cheek! $1495!

45-P PCGS MS66FS was a very nicely toned but grades MS65! $633!

45-D PCGS MS67FS grades a nice MS66 due to a scratch by mouth. I loved the strike on this one and had decided to overlook the scratch but the bidding got away from me. $575!

The 1946-PD were average for their grades. Sold $489 and $69!

The 1946-S PCGS MS66FS was a very nicely toned example but more toned than luster. I also thought the obverse strike was a tad soft. Had no distracting marks to speak of, only a tick here and there. $978!

47 was not 5 steps. Sold for $575! Weak quarter step on 5th step.

47-D PCGS MS67FS had a nick on the cheek and forehead and steps but nicely tone. Not a MS67 coin! $2300!

47-S nick on coat and not 6 steps as claimed. Did not sell!

The 48 PCGS MS66FS had nicks on the cheek, steps and coat but the strike was very strong. $2300! Not a MS66 coin!

48-S was not 5 steps. Weak quarter step on 5th step. $196

49 graded MS64, was not a MS65 coin!

49-D was very nice. $230!

49-S PCGS MS66FS, the strike was less then full and there were some marks. Grades MS65! $3450

50-P PCGS MS66FS was very nice. Very nice strike, condition. $1725

51-P PCGS MS66FS was very nice but had a black pinpoint carbon tick on the cheek! Easy to over look due to it’s strike and eye appeal. $2013!

The 51-D PCGS MS66FS was one of those few coins I would have liked to owned but not at $575! Had a very nice strike!

Graded the 51-S PCGS MS66FS MS64, nick on cheek. $2185!

52 was weak, two big nicks on cheek and one on steps. $1323!

52-D MS65 not a 66 coin! $575!

52-S was not 5 steps. Weak quarter step on 5th step. Did not sell!

53 was very nice in strike, toning and steps. Perhaps one of the greatest coins out there to own. But $8050!

53-D PCGS MS66FS Was another coin that I wanted to see for myself. Nicks in hair, cheek, coat and steps. Toning was darker in person than what picture showed. The strike was soft in some areas as well. $2760

53-S was white and shiny but had no detail. Very weak strike. A misnomer of an attribute! $3105!

1954 PCGS MS65FS, grades more like a MS63. Had lots of nicks, somewhat soft strike but colorful. $978!

1956-PD were nice.

1958 had very nice toning but had a nick on steps. $2300!

The 58-D had a reverse scratch.

1959 PCGS MS66FS had a nick on cheek and in field.

1959-D very nice. Wanted but bidding went to high! $460!

1960-D Close call, had a lot of trouble under the 1st and 2nd pillars!

1961 was not 5 steps!

The 61-D had a small bridge in the steps and I thought the obverse strike was a tad soft but is one of the 3 best 61-D's I've seen.

The rest of the coins I felt were below average for the grades they received. The 63-D steps looked rough.

The 1938 proof that was included in the auction but was not Steve Well's coin was very nicely toned and would have liked to of owned it as well.

The few other coins I didn't mention just didn't stand out in my mind as high quality coins or were too common or just average for their grades!

There you have it, for whatever it's worth, my 2 cents on how I graded those coins.

IMO the overall quality of this set was below average, many coins were simply overgraded. The collector needs to keep in mind how the strike of the coin, how the nicks, abrasions, scratches play a role in determining a coins grade and condition. Collectors need to set their standards to what is acceptable in a MS grade. For example, all my MS67 coins in my set must have full strikes, be markfree, especially in the main focal areas of the coin, the profile, fields and steps. The coins must have luster and eye appeal. Grading coins catagorically according to a set standard of givens for each MS grade, concerning the strike, condition and overall quality will be helpful to many collectors.



Thank you!


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