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I Bit The Bullet & Bought My First Graded Coins

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Heaven Help Me.


In previous threads, I mentioned I had never purchased a "graded" coin.


In another thread I was referring a bunch of high quality Walkers I had purchased, which immediately set me on course to try and complete a high quality "short set". Although the first coins I purchased were not "graded", they are in my opinion and that of a trusted dealer 63-64.


So with some time to kill today, I came across two slabbed PCGS Walkers 45-D and 45-S, and for $40.00 and $42.00, how could I refuse?


I'm halfway through the short set in only a few days, and why do I know I will take me forever to complete, and I will invest countless hours doing it?


Having taken the plunge and bought my first graded coins, I can only hope the bug doesn't overwhelm me.


Are there any over the counter medications I can take for this?

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Oh,Oh! You have entered the garden of Slab acquirer's perdition. Never again will you be able to look at a raw coin objectively. You will always wonder instead "what will this coin grade if I send it in to be slabbed". That slabbed grade becomes your reality, not what the coin in your objective mind grades. That no longer is important! Your opinion, good though it may be, will always play second in your mind behind the devil Grading Service. Only their opinion counts in the world outside your mind, real or perceived. shocked.gif



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just as a follow up, it is now worse - much worse.


I visited a local shop inquiring on high quality Walkers for the aforementioned short set. He disappeared into the mysterious "back" and returned with 30 or 40 NGC slabs.




No I had no choice but to move my aspirations from "a high quality short set" to a, heaven help me, "slabbed set".


I ended up purchasing seven new ones and two additional, which were upgraded to the unslabbed ones I had previously purchased.


So now I stand at eleven slabbed coins - nine NGC and two PCGS. In addition, I have five MS-63-64's leaving me four short.


Of course, now I have truly slipped into the abyss, as I am sending the ungraded coins to NGC! shocked.gif


And to show the sickness has reached critical mass, I am considering trading out of the PCGS coins, to make the set all NGC (I like order - my ex-wive would have made some reference to anal retentive).


Nest thing you know I will be calling HomeSHoppingNetwork for one of those cool NGC storage boxes! shocked.gif


I'm over the edge, I've fallen and I can't reach my lupe. My name is Frank and I am a slabaholic. cool.gif

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