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Grades are in! SUPER SUPER Results!!! (Pictures included)

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I put together a submission with George (JRGman2004 at CU) at NGC... I think we were both very pleased with the grades. My grades are in parentheses after the actual grade). George's coins are the last two.


Line 1: 1958-D 25c MS66 (MS65+)

Line 2: 1976-S 1c PF67RB (PF66RB, 70% chance of CAM--one carbon spot held the grade)

Line 3: 1970-D 5c MS64 (MS64 or BB--David Lange said he thought it had around a 50% chance of getting in--since the color is weird, I figured it wouldn't sell easily out of a holder)

Line 4: 1969-S 50c PF69UC (PF68CAM)

Line 5: 1969-S 50c PF67 (PF67--I got one right! laugh.gif)


All in all, I think we are both incredibly pleased with the results. Here are the pictures of my coins (the two MS pieces are very lustrous)


Line 1 (holdered reverse out):




Line 2:





Line 3:





YAY!!! 893applaud-thumb.gif



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Didn't you post a thread about the '58-D quarter? If so, I believe I told you at the time that it was easily an MS66. acclaim.gif I won't comment on the other coins as I don't recall if I was right! foreheadslap.gif


The quarter has a beautiful look, and I've seen the cent in person and it is terrific. Didn't I ask you if that were for sale when you showed it to me? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


Your job now, grasshopper, is to get JRGman2004 to post over here since you are writing about his coins. While you're at it, drag noob over here by his ears so we can beat him about the face until he posts more! devil.gif

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1- You did call the quarter at 66


2- You called the nickel as worth the risk, as you agreed it wasn't going to sell well if it weren't slabbed


3- You haven't seen the cent in person. I got it at the end of July and cracked it out of the set. There's another 76-S cent that I had slabbed a few months ago that you did see... this one:




Jeremy smile.gif

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That 76s Cent in your first post is pretty rare...it has Lincoln on BOTH sides! 893whatthe.gif


Nice coins...the Washington is pretty...for a Washington anyway. grin.gif



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