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Westford Ma. show report

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Another busy show. Same theme for the last 4-5 months. Very active on the floor. The larger dealers continue to shop around for decent material. The only soft spot seemed to be common date, white Morgans. The dealers that handle larger quantities of these didn't have strong buy prices, and weren't upset if they didn't purchase them. Eye appealing coins in that category still found homes though.


There still seems to be many collectors looking to fill key/semikey date holes in their albums. Many dealers coming back from the ANA commented on the luke warm and getting hotter early Commemorative market. At least 5 dealers int eh room were actively seeking out eye appealing examples.


The general consensus was that the ANA was a success for those attending. Everyone seems to be worried about replenishing inventory.


Not the worst problem to have I imagine.


Because of a scheduling quirk, this show had to be moved upstairs, and 10 tables (5 dealers) had to be shut out. I'm not sure if this affected the general public attendance though.


I was able to purchase a fair amount of new material. Because I was able to stay at this show until later in the afternoon, I sold the majority of these new purchases to other dealers before I left this afternoon!


That's about it. If I think of anything else to add, I'll get back here.


Also want to add that it was nice seeing the few board members that attended. I ended up being lucky enough to see a few VERY nice buffalo's, and talking shop concerning different dates/characteristics, which is always enjoyable and educational.

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It's nice to read the report and it's about time that early commems that are attractive are gathering support. I imagine that catilin was there?

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No, Caitlin didn't make the show, but a board member from the pcgs boards who is also an avid buffalo nickel collector (CapeCodbuff's ? on the pcgs registry), was there, and we had some good discussions on quite a few different buffalo nickels.


I think higher end, appealing Commem's always remain at least steady. It's those middle of the road coins that seem to be being hunted down. Almost an anticipation of a little rush so they are being stockpiled, so to speak.


Of course, the dogs remain, well, dogs. smile.gif

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Gread report Darin! Thanks for taking the time.


Neat to hear from you and others now about how commems are moving! Those coins sure deserve their day in the sun. cloud9.gif



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