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Morgan Want List- Can you help??

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Im looking for a few Morgan Dollars to help complete my collection. They can either be raw or certified. I would prefer raw coins so I can hone my grading skills a litte more. I'm looking for coins in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. I'm not a fan of the monster toned or otherwise heavily toned coins. I do like subtle colors or small rainbow tonings along the rims. I use PayPal to buy and sell but I can send a money order if that is your preference. I'm working with a limited budget right now so I may only be able to buy 1-3 coins at a time, for now. If you think you have what I'm looking for, please send me a PM with some pictures. I'm moving away from Ebay and would like to purchase from members or dealers here on the boards. Thanks!


1878 8TF

1879-S Rev of 78

1880-O 80/79



1887 7/6











That's a majority of what I need. I've left out a few of the higher valued pieces for now. If you can help me out, I will greatly appreciate it! Thanks again!


Edited to remove 1898-O. Picked up a nice piece earlier this evening. PCGS MS65! Numismedia value shows $219. Paid $140! Score one for this guy here!


Edited to remove 1899. Didn't realize that I already have this coin. It's in my Morgan album and I overlooked it.

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Hey Deerfan,

On that 1880-O are you just needing a 79 reverse? If you just need the plain old 1880-O I can send you that one I listed earlier in the Grade board for just melt.


It is probably not in that great of shape for your needs or wants but the offer stands. There is nothing else for me to do with it since I don't sell on the Internet and try to pass it off as BU PQ UC+++ :)



******* EDIT******


I just finished reading what you had posted and had missed the BU need. Never mind on that one. Wish I could help you out. Got rid of all my Morgan's about three weeks ago.



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On that 1880-O 80/79, that's an overdate variety. The 80 is struck over the 79. The 3rd reverse, or Rev of 79 as it is referred to sometimes, is the standard Reverse for Morgan series from 1880-1904. There are a couple of exception though, like the 1880-CC that had either the 2nd or 3rd Reverse and the 1921 Dollars that went back to the 2nd Reverse.

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