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Pittsburgh Toners

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Here's a few Toners I picked up in Pittsburgh. The Images are mostly darker than the coins, but you'll get an idea of the colors.


23-S Peace Dollar Christmas Tree Obv (Coin is a little out of focus, but those Reds and Greens are really there - in hand the coin is lighter than this image)




23-S Peace Dollar Christmas Tree Reverse



Coin is MUCH lighter than the image in hand, but yes, that Emerald green is there on the coin, along with some reds and magenta.

Here's another, showing even more of the colors (but still too dark).


Another 23-S Reverse



On another note, Here's a very unusual toned Morgan - In an old PCGS rattler - Mostly iridescent Violet-Black, with a Rainbow right in front of Liberty's face. (Much nicer in hand)


1889 Black Beauty



Here's another image of the 1889 Black Beauty - the Rainbow on the left is more vivid than the picture, but the iridescent Violet-Black is quite accurate in this 2nd image.




Here's another "Christmas Tree" - Reds and Greens - 1882-S - Image is a bit out of focus (my digital camera seems to have a hard time getting focused because of the reflection from the plastic). The image is also darker than the coin, but you get the gist of the intense colors.




As far as the other 2 coins, the 1923-S is quite special - You just never see Peace dollars with the color combination on that coin. The Greens are really intense. (Fratlaw, over on the PCGS boards, has already "offered" a "Billion Dollars" for this coin shocked.gif , but if I ever sell it, it will be a little less than a "Billion dollars", wink.gif (But not much! grin.gif )


THe 1889 is a horse of a different color - I've always wanted a "Black" iridescent coin - it's the end of the toning process when the layer of silver sulfide has gotten so thick that it prevents all but a very minimal amount of reflection and most of the colors are absorbed rather than reflected back - BUT the luster and that last bit of Violet still catch the viewers eye! A neat coin with a great look! cool.gif

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