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superb gem ms seated dime original white crusty thick skinned never dipped

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i have looked at many seated coins and this is one of the best original undipped white seated coins i have seen now maybe i do not get around much but such is my teeney tiny sphere of influence.......lol


classic booming lustre fully struck original never dipped or played with white coin i have ever seen

they are uncommon and most have never seen such an animal so they are undervalued underrated and

misunderstood as there are not many examples for anyone to learn from


this coin was the first ms67 1878 dime to be certitied in the late 1990's by pcgs ms67 with none higher


a really very rare date in gem as at the time there were only 9 ms65 2 ms66 and this one ms67 and none higher


within the next 4 years to the present this coin is still in its original ms67 holder while both the 66 coins have upgraded to ms67 and then one to a ms68 so now there are still 9 ms65 1878 coins no ms66 2 ms67 and one ms68 with one of the ms67 and the ms68 former pcgs ms66 coins!!


and this first ms67 pcgs coin ever i have not seen the other two coins so i cant say for sure waht they look like but i would be shocked if they were as nice as this coin technically or looks wise and original wise see the attatchment


this coin is a really super nice ms67 it has blast monster lustre not shown in the scan just like a monster lusterous 1881s morgan but with a really CRUSTY THICK ORIGINAL SKIN AND WHITE!! never dipped cleaned soap and watered ..blah blah and it is fully struck what appears as a weak strike on the reverse between the i and m in dime is a patch of haze/scratches on the holder!


also see on the obverse the light black toning line? probably from being stored in an envelope where the flap was turned and rested on the coin now maybe it is a grease mark? from looking at this coin and others i highly doubt it i think it is a toning line from long term storage in an envelope that advanced numismatists used toi store and put away coins like this and not move them or look at them for years! from the 1880's and 1890's! this coin sat like this for years and years untouched nor moved


and see the crusty skin esp. around the rims and edges in between the letters of the coin?


also if you saw this coin in person the booming cartwheel lustre would blind you while looking at this coin


for a seated dime to be white and look like this undipped with a thick original crusty skin and a 1878 to boot with such a low pop this coin is something just from the standpoint of original undipped white "look" something most collectors never ever see and a really nice ms67 as it must have been plucked from an original roll and saved the year it was minted no contact marks at all no the coin


so no wonder it is hard to understand coins like this as they simply do not exist in any quantity where they can be examined by many and then a learning curve develops you cant understand something if they for the most part do not exist in any reasonable quantity


you cant understand something you have never ever seen or seen so few of!! again the photo does not do this coin justice as this coin looks in person like a monster booming cartwheel lusterous common date s mint morgan! in any light at any angle


sincerely michael


in person it is the real deal and mucho better but sometimes coins like this are hard to scan and when done the person doing it does not have hours to spend getting it 100% as this was done as a favor for me and it is quite good scan one of the best persons does this for mee! he is a genius!

but i guarantee you in person if you saw this coin and owned it you would crack it out and resubmit coin as it is a lock ms67 any day of the week


this coin only went once to pcgs in the very late 1990's and i am sure one day it will be a good shot at an upgrade for someone


but not today............................lol


but overall i will say again and again it is a really nice ms67!







oh besides myself and two other people this is the first time this coin has been seen/posted anywhere





now here is a pcgs ms 64 trade dollar also a white undipped thick crusty original coin with booming cartwheel lustre and i think the boomind lustre underneath the thick white skin is one of the tell tail signs aomng many others these coins have proving originality see the traqde attatchemtn below


but this trade dollar also has this toning line on the obverse just like the above 1878 dime attatchment


i have seen this on some other ms coins not many but some over the years one was juat in a famous pedigreed ms seated coin collection auctioned by stacks early last year!


well here is the trade and you can see the toning line from an envelope on the obverse just like on the above 1878 seated dime!


you will not see many coins like these two coins in one place!! so take a good look for yourself and compair and see what teo original white thick skinned crusty coins look like with monster booming cartwheel lustre underneath the toning!


sincerely michael


see trade attatchment in another post three below!

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here is the scan of the trade dollar with the toning line like the seated dime as above also a thick skinned original white crusty never dipped coin with monster cartwheel lustre


sincerely michael


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pretty cool! smile.gif I dont really like the "thick white skin" look that much (though it is an accurate description) but those are still some sweet coins!! could use a dip though wink.gifgrin.gif

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I think both of those coins are really stunning! you never cease to amaze me with the quality of your coins. Thanks for sharing them!

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