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Where can I buy a bunch of cheap 1800-1860 US coins?

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Hi folks, I'm new here, and searched for the answer to my question but never found anything...


I'm looking to buy a good deal of early to mid 1800's US coins (seated dimes, bust dimes, shield nickels, etc.). The quality and condition can be poor, as I'd like to give them away as door prizes, so I'm looking for a source of inexpensive, somewhat rough coins.


Is there a term or outlet for this sort of thing? Not knowing a lot about collecting, I'm not sure what the proper term for this type of need is.


Any help is appreciated.





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The term is "cull" - i.e. coins that have little collector value other than as space fillers as they are in such poor condition.


Search eBay for dealers that are selling bulk lots of these coins.


Pick up a copy of Numismatic News or Coins or another coin publication and look for dealers selling this low grade stuff. While their prices are probably not really cheap, I'm sure with a call to them and an offer to buy a significant quantity, they would lower their prices.


Ask some local dealers if they have this stuff. Many dealers have this stuff, but don't display it. They will acquire it in a collection and since it is not easy to sell and has little profit, they will dump it in a box or can and leave it in the back until they get a significant quantity to wholesale to a larger dealer.

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Greg is correct in that what you are looking for are cull pieces. Many of these coins also suffer from some sort of problem that makes most collectors shy away from them. Problems such as being holed, corroded or bent. As novelty items and giveaways this shouldn't be a problem.


You may want to try a local coin shop and tell them what you are looking for, they will likely have many pieces for you to buy, and will be happy to sell them.


Good luck and it sounds like a cool idea.

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Kinzli, I know you!


Sal Falcone's on the main drag in Willow Glen has that kinda stuff. Boxes you just rummage through, inexpensive. Ever been there? Great store for browsing and relaxing.


TJ in SJ

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On a further note, welcome to the boards, if you plan on sticking around. The problem with buying culls is that they may have no dates or enough detail to impress. Here's a link to some cull coins but you would have a more interesting day at that coin store TJ mentioned. But they also might add up in a hurry! There's nothing wrong with AG and G common dated coins from that area that have some decent detail. The lower denominations may run you anywhere from a couple of bucks to $6. The quarter, halves and dollars are considerly more, even as culls. Barber coinage have interesting designs but they date up to 1915. Good luck with your endeaver.




Here's another interesting link to give you an idea on what you're getting into.

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