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Sure, I'll bite...


Long show, starting last week in Monroeville. We had a decent "pre" show, which was actually better than expected for us.


As for the regular ANA show in Pittsburgh, it was both unexpected as well as expected. Unexpected in the sense that there wasn't much really cool material on the floor because the services were strict enough to cause the major dealers to withhold their stuff that they felt were undergraded.


In the end, you had to really hustle buying and selling to have an acceptable show.


The show was also expected in the sense that the good and cool stuff were very highly sought after and consequently going for strong money. The average to below average stuff frequently brought lackluster interest. As been oft-noted, a good indicator of this behavior is with the auction results. "Cool" == strong money, "widgets" == indifference.


Prior to the show, there was some concern that the market would level off or even "correct" a bit. Well, given the voracious hunger for cool stuff, I think those who paid PQ money for the PQ or cool stuff a while back will think that the market is VERY active. Unfortunately, those who "price buys" the widget stuff will have a totally different view.


Lest I am mis-understood, there is cool stuff at every price and grade level. It's not just GEM MS Chain Cents that are cool. A gorgeously original VG specimen is also very cool, as are super lustrous ChAU CBH's -- to name two examples.


One board member showed me a better date Seated Dollar graded MS61 by one of the majors. Considering the awesome Seated Dollar set (owned by TDN) on display at the show, one might say that this coin is not "cool". Yet, this coin had awesome eye appeal and I would consider it "cool" even though it's not a near finest-known specimen.



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I went on Saturday, as I was sick almost all of last week. I had planned to go on Thursday.


Got to the show at about 11am. It was busy all day, but not crowded. Actually it was a relatively good time to brouse. There were some awesome sets displayed (TDN's dollars and Tom and Larry's toned proof IHC's) were definately standouts.


Lots of "stuff" was to be found everywhere. I went on a mission looking for Matte proof Lincolns. I think I saw 5 (2 at Legends table), nice coins but I was looking for "brown" and 3 others that were red/brown, not attractive, and priced sky-high.


I had an 09-s vdb, that I showed to 5 different dealers. It is a very nice Au-58 coin, and all wanted to buy it. So I took it to the ANACS booth for authentication. Michael Fahey spent an unusually long time examining it and wasnt quite sure if it was real. I took it back to one of the dealers who wanted it badly and gave him the news. He still wanted it, but I decided not to sell.


In the end I spent $18. I was really there to sell, but could only make one dealer happy-Rick Snow. He is a great dealer and any one interested in IHC's should definately get to know him. I also left about 1/3 (dollar value) of my collection with ANR for the FUN show.


On a side note. I overheard two dealers talking about a Morgan that one felt should upgrade but had a fingerprint. The second dealer says "No problem. A little blue ribbon will fix that right up"


I did not dress up for the show. Actually I was dressed down..quite down, as I didnt not want to draw attention as I was walking around with over 6 figures in coins, but this appearance did not help me when I wanted to see a coin in dealers inventory. Several just stared right through me. Unfortunately Legend and Weinberg were the biggest offenders, but I have heard that before. Didn't your parents tell you to not judge a book by its cover? I found the mid-tier firms to be most amicable and as usual ANR was top notch.


I think this is my longest post ever. Sorry. You have my sympathies grin.gif

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I think I remember you, and apologize for dissing you.


I believe you were the person who asked to see the PF Lincoln's and commented how you were looking for colorful BN specimens.


I remember the situation very clearly, and especially remember my thoughts: I *love* colorful BN matte-PF Lincolns, that's what I'd chase too (to avoid paying full RD money!), and could someone please relieve me so I can take some aspirin and close my eyes?


I know my personal problems are no excuse; if you would have a next time, allow me the opportunity to make it up to you.


As for judging a book by its cover, I totally agree. I generally get treated like caca by sales people because I look too young or look like I have no money. Little do they know my professional background...





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