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DPL, DMPL, and UDM, Morgans.

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Across the street, I read what PCGS uses to determine DMPL coins. Four inch or more depth on both sides of the coin. I also read Rick's comments on NGC's DPL designation.

My question is , does anyone know what ANACS uses the determine their DMPL and the UDM designations? Thanks.

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there are some dmpl/pcgs dpl/ngc coins that bring premiums because they are and/or monster deeply mirrored hence udm and/or are cameoed and rightly so!


for me udm is a misnomer as it is just a subset of a dmpl dollar for me a coin is either dmpl or not


i have seen many udm anx coins and most are just dmpl coins or are very nice dmpl coins and some are really not, to me................... udm!!


foe me there are just as many pcgs/ngc coins in dmpl/dpl holders that are just as nice or nicer as udm anx coins!


udm is just not needed kind of like having a deep cameo coin that anx calls heavy cameo and then adding ultra heavy cameo not really necessary or like pcgs calling something deep cameo and then for some of the monster deep cameos calling them ultra deep cameo!! too much for me


like the udm morgans! and again for me anx misses the boat for many udm coins!!!!!


sincerely michael





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