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questions about saint gaudens

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gild, welcome to the NGC boards!


Just did a check of Heritage auction archives. The last NGC MS63 St. Gaudens for 1922 sold on 6/5/04 for $530., for 1923 sold on 7/26/04 for $632., for 1924 sold on 7/21/04 for $575., and 1927 sold on 5/8/04 for $720.


Over $2000 total. Not bad!

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I agree with Jeremy. Do the eBay with a reserve that you are comfortable with---somewhere around the 80% mark of those selling amounts I found for you.


THE most important part of your auction will be your pictures. So don't be hasty with them til you get the ones you want to use. A good start day is Saturday and run for 7 days. A good time on Saturday to start the auctions is 7 PM PST. This gives both coasts leeway to be home to bid.


Sunday to Sunday is also a good run time. JMHO



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Sunday to Sunday is also a good run time. JMHO
And Thursday to Sunday (10 days)... that gives two full weekends.


Agreed that night is the best time to start auctions--that's when all of mine begin. Also, don't sell during holiday weekends... especially when they end when no one's home... that's when you want to be sniping wink.gif

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I agree, sell on eBay, as they are all common dates, and for MS-63, you'd be lucky to get $450 each from a dealer. I usually don't use a reserve since that drives away more bidders (many won't bid if they aren't even sure they can win it), and I often put one as a "featured" item to attract more bidders for all of them. But eBay can also be hit or miss, about a year ago, when gold was well over $400, I bought a 1926 PCGS MS-64 for $500! Good luck!

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Kinda late response, But I'm really board tonite, get the pun there! 27_laughing.gif.


Anyways, just a few things from my point of view and stress points from others.


HAVE PICTURES! For something of this price, most won't even consider bidding without a picture or two.

Make a clear, but not over extended description. For this type of coin, most bidder will be rather knowledgable in the hobby, and don't need to wade through pages of information about the coin. Stress the price of gold is hovering around $400 an ounce, and that the coin is NGC certifed MS-63. You can always use my favorite line, "It is NGC certifed, which is the offical grading service of the ANA.

Also make sure you don't overcharge or undercharge for shipping, and make sure you list the coin, it the correct category so it becomes easy to find by those who are interested. Check out how other sellers are creating their listings and descriptions for some ideas (just don't duplicate their listing though). And you can always keep an eye on other acutions to pick up some finer details. The listing tim ideas stated above also sounds very smart!


To keep talking your head off some more, I took a glance at some current auctions.

I noticed that the highest bids were all on coins with no reserve and started at a $1.00 bid. There was only one NGC coin that was MS-61 1922 that was currently at $331.00. Even the raw, ungraded coins in your years were selling at a rather good price range. I'll toss in a few links below of the auctions I ran across that have your years to keep an eye on, and get some ideas.


The only downfall I can possibly see is your low feedback rating. Despite it being 100%, with only 10 feedbacks, you are seen as a "newbie" and with the avid scamming that ebay deals with you may lose some bidders.


Anyways good luck when you list, and if and when you do, make sure you drop off a post in the coin marketplace with a link to your auction to attract some possible bidders from the boards here.


NGC - MS61 - 1922

MS - 65 - 1922

MS - 63 - 1923

MS - 62 - 1927

RAW - 1927

RAW - 1924

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Real quick:




2) Starting Sunday nights and run for 7 days works for me. A Thursday start for 10 is a good idea too.


3) Using a reserve is questionable. Don't use a high start price though. You'd probably be better off starting at $0.01.


4) Also, make sure you also post a note on the PCGS BST board. A lot more people visit there. Speaking of which, you also might want to offer for sale there FIRST (before you go to Ebay). You can sell at a set price there first without the Ebay fees.





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