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Coin Show Report - Parsippany, NJ

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I just got back from the monthly 80-dealer, First Sunday of the Month show in Parsippany, NJ. Although I've been going to this show for a decade, I've never gone in the summer, so I wasn't sure if anyone else would be there. Much to my surprise, all the tables were occupied, although many of the regular dealers were absent, so there were a lot of dealers who were new to me. Floor traffic, while not as heavy as usual, was still substantial and it wasn't easy to get down the aisles. (Usually it's very hard to get down the aisles.)


As other show reports have noted, there were many, many more NGC-slabbed coins than PCGS-slabbed coins. Except for one dealer who had a case full of PCGS slabs, most dealers might have had two or three PCGS slabs in a case otherwise full of NGC slabs.


I did not see a single ACG slab. I did see a lot of TrueGrade and several NuMistrust slabs, though.


In addition to the usual large population of Morgan and Peace dollars and classic commems, there was a decent amount of nicer older type coins. I didn't see any Old Tenor gold, but I saw a couple of Classic Head pieces (one half eagle and a quarter eagle). I saw three or four pieces of no-motto Coronet gold, including one D-mint half eagle, but nothing terribly exciting. I did, however, see two NGC-slabbed Daddy Dollars: an 1802(?) in AU-50 and Tom Hyland had a 1799 in VF-30 (I think). Tom also had an 1806 Half (knobbed 6, small stars) in PCGS VF-30 (a very handsome coin!). Tom also had a Chain Cent, on which the date was reasonably clear and the Chain was very clear. The coin looked a bit beat-up, otherwise, but still, what a piece of history!


As for myself, I picked up a couple nice items: an XF raw 1822 Bust Half with some rather attractive blue toning on it (yes, TomB, I'll remember to bring it in October so you can see it.); and a VF+ raw 1851-O Seated Half. The coin is very nice and "dirty" (just the way I like 'em!). As you know, it's hard to find pre-1853 Seated halves, harder to find nice examples and even harder to find mint-marked pieces. (The Seated Half I grabbed just after Tom Hyland bought it - heh, heh, heh!)


All-in-all, it was a busier (and better) show than I expected!

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Thanks for the report, Dave. smile.gif Tom Hyland has some cool stuff and he has a wonderful eye for original, circulated coins. He is also a good guy.

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As you know, it's hard to find pre-1853 Seated halves, harder to find nice examples and even harder to find mint-marked pieces.




I'm partial to the P-mint specimens, especially 1850-52. Of course, the 46O Tall Date is a recognized key date.



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