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This is not another "rotten dealer" thread....

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I'd like to post a quick story about a very positive, recent incident with a customer. A walkup at the Springfield show this weekend soliticited a bid on four copper coins he had for sale, and my offer was $300 cash. As has been Dennis and my policy from day one as coin dealers, I insisted that he obtain at least two other offers from other dealers, and as it turns out, I had the high bid. He wanted cash so he could turn around and buy more coins, but being so early in the show, I didn't want to give up all my cash and be unable to make change, so I offered $200 cash and a $100 check. He accepted.


Then, we got to talking at length about early coin series, especially bust quarters and halves. We spoke for a good part of an hour, and discussed die marriages, why some coins are weaker in certain spots, etc etc. It was an enjoyable discussion, and it was my pleasure to impart some knowledge to my client.


To make a long story short, stupid me, I lost track of what I was doing and absent-mindedly forked over $200 cash, plus a $300 check!


Yesterday, John M. (the collector) called me long-distance to inform me of the error. Needless to say, I was delighted at this display of honesty, that he was proactive in informing me of the error, which I probably would have realized at some point.


So this is a public thank-you to John, and an opportunity to say that there are a lot more honest people out there than many of us give credit for. I've also given him a $50 credit toward any coin purchase as a small token of appreciation for his honesty and collector's spirit.


This is such a great hobby, and it's refreshing to occasionally be reminded that it's the collectors who make it such a great hobby.



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Kind of reminds me of a time I gave a retailer a new $20 bill and the retailer thought it was a $100 bill, he gave me change of $100....


I stood, stared, thought about it, and said "Lou, thanks, but I can't accept it." He said "huh" and I told him I gave him a $20 and he gave me change of $100, he was thankful, especially since he thought it was a $100 bill.


...and then there are those who you find something that belongs to them, return it to them and they don't even say thank you.



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Tell me about it, I got busted in rank while in the Navy for RETURNING a lost wallet!!! Turns out the insufficiently_thoughtful_person had left his ATM PIN number in his wallet and someone cleaned his account out. They blamed me. 893censored-thumb.gif

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