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Nicely toned coins found! (acquisitions from Springfield, IL)

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Check out these three purchases from my show yesterday:



1972 Kennedy - JUMBO



Bicentennial half - JUMBO



1909-VDB Lincoln- JUMBO


The Bicentennial half is as beautifully toned a clad coin as I have ever seen. I also picked up three 1940s Washingtons, including one that has the prettiest paper toning imaginable, but haven't imaged those yet.



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All three look nice. I'm used to seeing Kennedys with Dansco holder toning and I don't think those were from a Dansco. The toning is different. I wonder where they came from.... 893scratchchin-thumb.gif



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The Kennedy halves were not in a coin album, they were in one of those cardboard flats that you sometimes see, where a flap of paper is on both sides of a small cardboard page with coin cutouts - similar to a cut-down Whitman album, so to speak.


The Bicentennial coin is really, really nice in person. Unlike artificially toned coins, you can tell this is the real deal because the color is actually part of the coin, rather than laying on top of the surface.


The VDB came to me in a 2x2, but it has exactly the kind of toning that I've occasionally seen on early, original matte-proof Lincolns. It is simply gorgeous in person. Of the eight hours that the show lasted, I probably spent SIX looking for coins from other dealers, and ended up buying quite a bit. I also picked up, get this, ELEVEN bust quarters (small-sized), all of them totally gorgeous, extremely original coins, in grades of VF to XF. Really NICE stuff! NINE of them are already sold, and I'll have the remaining two in inventory shortly.


While I'm on the subject, the ILNA guys (John Corcoran, Steve Butler, et. al.) did a terrific job running the this show. I was very impressed by the quality of the show, despite it's small (72 table) size.



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