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Part I of II; Do any of these toners deserve a home in an NGC tomb?

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I'm seeing if I should put a submission together of some new toners I've purchased (almost guaranteed NGC, and probably modern, because almost none of the coins are pre-1955). My grades are in parenthesis.


(Note: All pictures below a date/denom are of one coin--most coins have both a shot of color and of lustre)


Here's Part I:


1941 10c, Lustrous (MS64)--can't go modern




1951-D 25c, Lustrous (MS65+)--can't go modern





1954-D 25c, Lustrous (MS63+, may hit 64)--can't go modern, not a high thought for submission






1956-D 25c, Lustrous (MS64+)






1958-D 25c, Lustrous (MS65)






1961-D 50c, Very lustrous (MS63+, no FBL, according to David Lange sorry.gif)





1964 25c, Very lustrous (MS64+)







Thanks for your opinions on these! I'll do a post with smaller denominations a little later smile.gif



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Well, let's go under the assumption that the coins will eventually sell online--will the sale price of a slabbed piece be greater than the sale price of the same piece raw, plus the cost of slabbing/shipping?


I'm looking for grade opinions and thoughts on the above smile.gif



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See now...these coins are MUCH nicer than the other thread. The 54-D Washington seems to be (from the picture anyway) the highest of the grades. It's luster stands out... ALL seem to have a pretty tone to them.


As to sale price I wouldn't have a clue. I don't care much for Washington's and Frankies myself and don't pay all that much attention to them. Grading these is difficult with photos. It is just too hard to judge the subtleties of the higher grades from a photograph let alone try to price them.



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I think the color will help these coins in a slab as most of what I come across is Blast white. I know I would pay a premium for the majority of those coins depending on how they grade out. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


They all look solid to me with nice sweeping transitions within the color ranges. I don't know about submitting that Merc dime though???

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The 54-D Washington seems to be (from the picture anyway) the highest of the grades. It's luster stands out... ALL seem to have a pretty tone to them.
They're all lustrous... regarding the 54-D, it's got lots of little ticks that are hard to photograph. I really can't see it going high (but wouldn't complain if it did! laugh.gifwink.gif)


I don't know about submitting that Merc dime though???

I showed David Lange the merc... he said he's got no problems with it, and it should slab fine if I were to send it in.



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I wasn't insinuating that the coin was AT, I just don't think the small amount of toning on the coin would add a lot of value and at the MS-64 level it's not a tough coin to get.


Your choice though as those Washington's should do real well. flowerred.gif

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That's a nice group of coins and I will give you my opinions, but please keep in mind that most of the toned coins that I have submitted or sold have been much more deeply toned than these and that the market is somewhat different for deeper toned coins.


The '41 Merc has classic toning and since it doesn't have FB and isn't an MS66 candidate, I would leave it raw since the grading fee might eat up any sale price differential you will realize. The '51-D WQ only looks "okay" to me, but if you can get it to go into an MS66 holder then you will make money on it. If it gets put in an MS65 holder then you likely don't gain anything. The '54-D WQ I would leave raw if the MS63/MS64 grade range is true. It just doesn't have enough ooomph for most people to pony up for it, in my opinion. Leave the '56 WQ raw as it won't slab high and it doesn't have good eye appeal, again in my opinion and based only upon your images. The '58-D WQ might go MS66 as this date is played fast-and-loose by the TPGs for grading and the color is the prototypical attractive look for the date. An MS66 grade, even if the surfaces are a bit chipped up, is reasonable and should sell easily. The '61-D Franklin should stay raw so that someone else can determine if it is FBL, don't help them (ie: limit your coin's value) by submitting it for them. The '64 WQ looks no better than an MS63 to me, and if the color is dark and muted is not a good candidate to make money. If, however, the color is more lively then slabbing it should help because this is a non-Mint Set year.

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I'm the first to slab practically anything, so I can't believe I'm suggesting this: I'd be tempted to save all those grading fees and start filling up a toned Dansco set of Type.


You're well on your way to having a stunning display, all housed in one album vs a bunch of loose slabs.


Just my humble opinion.

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I'm actually keeping most toned stuff out of my dansco 893whatthe.gif


Also, I tend to get lots of one denomination--sometimes I'd just rather flip them and fill another hole/get a more expensive coin, which is why I'd slab. The coins I've slabbed that I have kept and aren't listed for sale somewhere:


2 are novelties (one being my slightly abused bust dime)

1 was a PCGS freebie

1 I meant to sell, but I can't part with the coin 893frustrated.gif


I have 4 freebies due back from PCGS this week... let's see how many I keep (not sure, because they're cool coins 893blahblah.gif)




PS- Maybe I should invest in a few denomination albums, and try to put those sets together... 893scratchchin-thumb.gif... that could get expensive... 893scratchchin-thumb.gif... or another type album with mostly toned stuff 893applaud-thumb.gif (but that doesn't match the old, grey look of the classics which I love so very much frown.gif)... My brain is hurting sorry.gif... I like using these smilies!!! 893applaud-thumb.gifthumbsup2.gifdevil.gifgossip.gifcloud9.gifacclaim.gifstooges.gif893blahblah.gif

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Sounds reasonable and logical. You're well on your way to having some neat toned NGC coins.
And on that note, the 1954-D is in my album wink.gif
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Those are very nice coins Jeremy, but I dont think you will be able to realize enough extra $ for cover the grading fees. I would just sell them as is and let someone else decide that these coins are PQ and give you a nice bid anyway.

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