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Found old coin collection, need some help (PICS ADDED!!)

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I was going through a lot of my late Grandpa's items my Grandma was going to send to the dump, and buried in a box of junk was a jar of old coins and old paper bills. I know absolutely NOTHING about coins, and I was hoping I could get some feedback from you guys to see if anything in the lot is worth anything.


I am at work now but I will go home and take some pictures and try and post them (I have never posted pictures before here) or if anybody can host them, or interested in the pictures, leave your email and I can email them to you.


Thanks for the input!


If anybody wants a close up of ANY of these coins or the paper money let me know. Thanks for everybodys input!











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Since you don't state any denominations for the coins/bills, my suggestions are as general as your question.


Two options for you:

1) Take them to your nearest coin shop and ask if they see anything worth doing an appraisal of the lot for you. Make sure you are clear about not being interested in selling them, just finding a value for.


2) Inform yourself on each coin/bill. This won't give you a value of what you have, but it will give you an idea (based on denomination/date/mint mark) which ones may have promise of more then face value. There are books galore (at your library/book store) that can be invaluable as a resource toward this end. This will probably take more time then 1, but it may be to your advantage should you be of a mind to expand on his collection, regardless of its value.


Personal knowledge of what you have based on your own efforts, will serve you better then having someone do it for you, and, by far, more fun!


Posting pics is fairly straight forward, but should you have any problems, I'd be happy to give you a "walk thru" of it. Just PM me.



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Looks like you may have found some hidden treasure! Post some pictures of the different types, tell us some dates and someone should definetly be able to help you out.

I would just suggest not handeling them too much until you find out what you have in that jar of yours. That, and don't clean or wipe them off.


To post pics just open a reply and type your message. Then below where it says continue there is a little check box that read "I want to preview my post and/or attach a file" Make sure that box is checked and then click Continue. It will then show your message and below it will be a blank space with a browse button. Just click Browse and find the picture file, double click it, and the file name should appear in the empty space. Then click the submit button. I think you will probably have to repeat this for each pic, but I'm rather new here myself.


Can't wait to see what you got in there! thumbsup2.gif

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looks like you got a nice little collection of foreign coins with a few American mixed in.... Some look to be UNC... I also notice a Confedate $500.00 from 1864... From the pictures it looks be to real.. but you would need to get a dealer to look at it... I see some florins(Austrailia)... Some Japanese Notes(US Occupation) some Mexican coins... This seems like a nice find and since it was from your grandpa keep them.. Most of them are not worth a whole lot but should have some sentamental value.... I would recommend getting some 2x2 and trays... to keep the nicer ones from banging.... also hold the coins on the side(Don't want to leave fingerprints) Oh and enjoy them smile.gif nice find

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on a second look... looks like you have some nice Phillapines(US) Coins .. Looks like some unc. A few look like they were in water..look corroded... Still looks like some good stuff... I would recommand also get a world coin book... I will be of great help.... oh yeah... I see a no date buffalo nickel and a wheat penny...

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That looks like a neat find. I like the coin below the Kangaroo in your last scan, the small one with bars in the centre - you can post it to my personal address at:


hi.gif Collecting

World Mandela

Legal Tender





Seriously though, I've developed a keen interested in collecting as a result of a similar inheritance to yours. Find out about your coins and enjoy them. Get sleeves for them to protect them from prints and scuffs. Try to establish a common theme - see if he was trying to collect something specific that you can add to.


Ask in World Coins forum for help identifying your coins - they've been very good to me with mine cloud9.gif(I got a World War II collection that my late uncle left to my dad - he was also collecting Brittish Pennies).



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Hmmm... International coins... Not an expert but I don't think many International coins go for a whole lot of money. You'd have to check with someone who is an expert with these coins and see if you might have any that could be worth something. I got a small collection of International coins similar to some of yours, and didn't find anything of great value, they are more of historical and sentemental value, kinda like a hand down from generation to generation.

Still some nice coins all in all, a very nice variety as well. The paper money is rather interesting as well. That confederate bill is a nice keepsake item.

Just take care of that collection until you have an expert check it out for you.


Good Luck! cool.gif

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Thanks for everybodys input and advice on the collection, much appreciated!!


If anybody sees anything they are interested in purchasing, let me know. I am going to try and sell some of these for my Grandma so she can use the money towards things that she can use/need. She doesn't care to hold onto the collection, so everything is for sale.


On that note if you need a close up shot of any item in this collection, let me know I can either post it here or email you directly with the pics. All the coins and all the paper money is for sale.


If you are interested in the whole collection let me know too we can work something out.


For questions email me at





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