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SWEET!!!!!!!! 1830's proof seated one year type coin!

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saw this on the pinnacle website and i mean i was like

wow it is a deeply mirrored proof and fully struck

wow wild!!!!!!!!!!!!

the eye appeal is really great

i love seared coins and a proof from the 1830's!! wild


yes only a 63 but the coin just oozies eye appeal and when do you see a proof dime 1837


and a one year

famous type coin in proof a no stars dime!!


mintage of 30 pieces and probably less than 20 known


sincerely michael


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I sincerely apprerciate the compli smile.gif ment about our coins. But, you said "i love seared coins".


I presume you meant to type "seated" and not "seared' but I want to go on record as stating that we do not cook, baste, fry or microwave any of our inventory!

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thankjs guys i posted this coin on here as i thought it would be apprecaited!


mark feld.........lol i saw that yes i meant seated

but i like those mistakes i make as with a seared coin you might cut it up and put it on a salad and i must say it would be the most delicious salad with that coin as a topping instead of chicken breast!.........lol


one time i misspealled a word really typing too fast and it turned out to be a really bad word and the pcgs boards would not let me post as it was a forbideen word.....lol


so i had to change it fix it whatever you call it and it was just an accidential typing mistake!


anyway if anyone has some time go to the pinnacle site and see this coin with the description as this is something that is pure collector numismatics and see something that you usually do not see!


sincerely michael


and no i do njot work for this company nor am i on commission...........lol

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i went to my locazl coin club meeting last night and i told some of ttihs coin


since john pittman the famous proof collector lived here in rochester and only a muile or so from me!


many at the club said that this is a COIN pittman would have loved to see


one time many many years ago pittman brought to the club a complete proof set 1846 silver and gold to the club and after the meeting he got into his car and put the proof set on the roof of the car and forgot it and started to drive down the street with it still on his roof while another member was behind him driving trying to alert him to the set still on the roof of his car!


wild half milloion on the roof!!................lol


sincerely michael

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No need to trade your house for this coin. It's not nearly that expensive. They only want $8250 for the coin.


If you want to see some nice coins from Pinnacle:


Extremely Lusterous Pan-Pac


Super Looking Pilgrim


I've considered buying the Pilgrim, but I'm not sure it has enough color for me. Still a very nice coin.

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