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My observations regarding the Baltimore Convention

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As a dealer, I was not sure what to expect for a summer show, however, I was pleasantly surprised at the strong turn out I witnessed while set up at the summer Baltimore Convention this past week


Dealer set up on Thursday was VERY active and as we have all witnessed during the course of this year, better date Morgan and Peace Dollars are still hot, with dealers paying strong premiums for these issues, particularly DIMPLES. Collectors would find it interesting to note that these coins were trading dealer to dealer at grey sheet ask and above. Apparently, hype is not the only determining factor reflected in the rapid price increases we have all seen during the course of this year. These coins are obviously being sold to end-users, which means they are taken off the market for a very long time period.


I also observed a strong demand for better date Indian and Lincoln Cents, (particularly proof issues), Carson City Gold, Buffalo Nickels and a slight increase in demand for 70 grade Modern Coin issues by the general public, particularly Silver Commemoratives and Proof Silver Eagles. Quality toned material in reputable holders also seemed to be more sought after than it has in previous conventions.


Some of the bigger dealers did not attend the show, which is no surprise as many close for vacation during these months. This was fine with me, as it gave others, particularly newer dealers the opportunity to set up. This also gives the rest of us a chance to meet new people, hear a fresh perspective on things and perhaps find some new and interesting material.


For a summer show, I felt the convention was very well attended Friday and Saturday, particularly from opening until mid afternoon. In fact, I would guess public attendance was almost as strong than in past fall and spring shows. Most dealers I spoke with, from the Mom and Pop dealers to the “big boys” had a good show and I am certainly glad I decided to set up. In this regard and from my personal observations and inquires, I would definitely consider the show a success….. As a side note, just before I posted this thread, I noticed others had some very different views on the show, however, even as a newbie, I decided to post this anyway. Let the slamming begin!


I had also spoken with a few people from this message board during the course of the weekend and would like to say hello to all. It was certainly a pleasure. If this summer show was any indication of what is in store for the rest of this year, all I can say is enjoy the ride and happy trading!


Best Regards:



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Welcome to the boards.


It is quite nice to see that you had a good show and that those with whom you spoke shared your enthusiasm. It is also interesting to note our different perspectives on the activity and buzz during the show. This may have something to do with my walking the floor while you were set at a table and also might be due to the material that each of us looks for. I enjoyed your summary. thumbsup2.gif

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Sorry you were unable to attend, perhaps you can make it for the December show. Glad you like the Nickel. I suspect you will be holding onto that one for a long time to come.
Oh yeah cloud9.gif ...and when Bob Campbell says he really likes it, you really know it's a keeper! thumbsup2.gif


As for December, I'll try--we get our house in Baltimore a month from today... I'm hoping I'll be able to spend that weekend down there.



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