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PICS! My first graded ancient-Attica-Athens AR Tetradrachm

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(edited with link to NGC photos)


Hi all,


I know, I know.... No pictures makes it nearly impossible to answer questions... So I'll keep it general. Ok, got the link- invoice # + Line item... duh! I know everyone says this, but the obverse looks horrible in the picture, it's MUCH better in hand.





I received the coin years ago when I started collecting modern silver/gold, my mom had it tucked away in her jewelry box for years. My focus is still modern, so I decided to grade and sell my old owl. I hated having to grade it, it's just so cool to hold and touch currency that's thousands of years old... but graded will be much easier to sell online.


Grading was just completed today, I've been refreshing the status page for weeks. It came back as a c.393-294 BC Attica-Athens Tetradrachm- Athena Obv. Owl Rev. ALMOST UNCIRCULATED - Granularity. Strike 5/5 Surface 2/5


So here are my questions:


1- I can find lot's of examples of Owls from the 400'sBC, but very few from the 300's. Are the 300's more rare or just less desirable? (or are my search tactics in need of help?)


2- Anyone willing/able to give an estimated value?


3- Anyone on here interested?









Thanks in advance!


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Where have you been looking at prices?


If I were you and have not done so, I would check on Heritage and Sixbid. The latter is an "aggregator" website which includes auctions primarily from Europe but also Heritage, Stacks and Goldberg. There are many auctions there which specialize in ancient coins and some of them are really good too. It also includes an archive though I do not recall if it is a paid subscription or not since I have not tried to use it.

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