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Austria 3 Kreuzer 1689 Hall NGC 64

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this coin cought my eye on an auction,

and was suprized to see the auction ended up with $75. (I didnt bid on it at all)


I noticed similar coins poseted here often and they always impress me time and again.


I wonder if anyone can put more info about it as far as era, pop, value etc ?


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Coins like those form the core of my collection in both era and location, and that one looks pretty good. As far as I can tell 3 kreuzer coins are was the most common denomiation issed, and Leopold I was the most common emperor featured on the coins. They can be surprisingly inexpensive even in high grade, although truly nice ones can be tough to locate.


While in the 1600's many, many German states had the mintage right the central Empire did most of the actual minting of smaller coins. The emperor controlled many of the silver mines and the few states that had their own, like Saxony, preferred to concentrate in large denomination coins. Dozens of mints were used and coins were issued in the name of the Emperor and occasionally some of his relatives as Archdukes/regional governors. As time went on central control over Germany diminished and the imperial coins became less common relatively speaking, whikle those of the major states, like Prussia, picked up.


I currently have four NGC certified MS 3 kreuzer coins in my collection and the proces ranged from $45-$100 including slabbing:


1629 Emperor Ferdinand II, Hall mint, MS62

1650 Archduke Ferdinand-Charles, Hall mint, MS65

1669 Emperor Leopold I, Breslau mint, MS63

1669 Emperor Leopold I, Breslau mint, MS64 (different variety)


Here are a few photos of the coins:







Personaly, I find these coins to be great things to collect. If you ever get the bug to try just remember they come crudely struck and usually aren't flat. Thanks for the post!



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thx for the input Jammin,

I'm kinda "going back in time" with the coins

and right now Im somwhere at the late 1800,



Also I would be terified of counterfeit for this type of coins,


some of them just looks too good and clean to be 400 yrs old,

Is that common to run accross fakes ?

Is there a guide line for this other then buy only ngc and anacs ?

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