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Ckeck out my latest COMP SET!!!! by Panda Man

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Advice on how to improve ranking? PR70 maybe...lol


I just put this COMP set in tonight and it was a lot of fun. My ranking is 100, why can't I be number one? Maybe if I relace all the PR69's fo PR70's....If anyone would like to help get my ranking up on this particular set send me a pm.

Anyway I am looking for advice on what you guys thnk of my latest set as far as pics,text, etc....I want to keep learning and getting beter on the NGC site.

Thanks to All.....

P.S. If anyone can help me with the picture I posted with this journal I would really appreciate it. Their are a total of four coins, the are all .999 fine silver and proofs. They also came in a blue velvet case. The problem is I bought them because of the beautiful toning and ended up getting in a bidding war. I am sure no one else has experienced that. lol.. In all seriousness I have brought these coins to a couple of dealers and one said just rounds but nice, the other one told me I need to do some research on these because he thought I migt have something unique. Well I have searched and searched and cannot find any info on these coins. I paid 190 for a set of 4. I know to much or is it??? They were sold through Great Collections and advertised as American Indian Proofs, set of 4, .999fine silver. It does state that on the reverse of each coin, so as far as the silver goes they are legit. I hope someone can come through with an answer like Shane you just hit the big one....lol



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Panda Man Keep a eye in the Money Market for a dealer that sells plenty of foreign Silver and Gold. He usually puts up a sale of 5 oz. silvers monthly. His name is AB and he has pandas for sale.



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