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Parsippany, NJ Coin Show report! Labor Day Version!

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Today was the monthy Parsippany, NJ coin show featuring about 100 dealers with a large variety of US and Foregin coins, as well as a large amount of bullion and paper money.


For the last few months I have been setting up with my friend Joebb21 (from ATS). This will be my last time setting up for some time, as my wife is expecting early next month! With a new baby and a 2 year old, it will be a little tough to set up, but I do plan on attending for a few hours.


So todays show was on a holiday weekend, with many people traveling for the the last hurrah of the summer solstice. I set up expecting to sell absolutely nothing. Well my expectations did not dissapoint as I didn't sell a thing! lol

It seems people were just at the show to socialize and not exactly spend money. It is probably a conglomeration of that and plus the poor state of the economy.


Ok so no sales, how about buying? Walking the show floor yeilded the SAME EXACT coins I have seen month after month with very few newps. I personally had about half a dozen newps. But some dealers dont seem to add to their inventory which perplexes me. But even with the lack of decent material on the floor, I bought from friends who were set up and came to sell. I bought a toned proof merc dime in NGC PF67 CAC. A gorgeous proof with color that will be VERY tough to capture. A good friend of mine bought 2 boxes of coins to sell, and stopped at my table first! :applause: From him I bought a type 1, and type 2 gold dollar, and a MS65 Peace dollar ALL CAC'd as well! The last coin I purchased was a common date NGC MS64 CAC Morgan with amazing color. Im deciding if I want to sell or keep that one. Pics to follow!


I sort of had a sale though. I bought a 1 pound bullion round at the show. It didnt sell there, but I put it on ebay when I got home. I knew these bars sell for a premium, and I was able to purchase it for melt. Shortly after, it sold for the Buy it now! :banana: So even after fees I made out ok.


The other two highlights for me were a MS67 Saint my friend had for sale with AMAZING color and speckled surfaces. The coin was amazing but just more than I could afford. The other coin I loved, but just didn't fit in my collection was a 8 Reales Mexico City coin in NGC AU58. It was priced a bit high, but after a recent thread it was something that caught my eye. I didn't buy either one.


Pics probably tomorrow.

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Thanks for the report, Ankur, and best wishes on your baby on the way!


BTW, MS67 Saints that will CAC are being bid at over $13K by Legend!


Thanks! :)


I saw Legend post this, but the coin in question wasnt CACd or it would have been long gone. So the $13k question is, will it sticker?

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Thanks for the report and best wishes on your impending new arrival!


I also went to the show on Sunday. This was my first time at the Labor Day version of the show, so I was pleasantly surprised by the fairly strong turnout by collectors.


It's true that there were a handful of empty tables, but the dealers who were there had a nice crowd looking at their coins.


I saw a couple of interesting coins: an 1804 British half guinea in an old small ANACS slab (I think it was graded AU-50 or 55). This coin is the little brother to the Military Guinea of 1813. I don't think it's all that uncommon, but it's a coin that I don't usually see at Parsippany.


Tom Hyland drew his usual crowd to his table. He had a couple of 1841-O dimes in PCGS slabs. One was in an XF-40 slab and he had marked it "closed bud reverse". I didn't take the opportunity to look at the coin or the one under it, but it's always nice to see early O-mint coins.


Tom also had an NGC-58 slabbed Pine Tree Shilling! He had brought it to ANA, he said, and was displaying it in his case once before it went back into hiding in his SDB. Now, that's a coin I don't see every day (or ever, come to think of it).


One other dealer who was rather busy was the guy selling assorted 90% silver. He was selling at 28x face and his table was pretty busy. He had a cigar box of dimes and in it was a roll marked "1955-S". Oddly enough, what I really noticed was that the roll was marked "Bank of America" and looked like it dated from the '50's. (Now I really know I've been focusing on the historical aspects too much if I pay more attention to the wrapper than the coins!) It did look like a BU roll, though.


All-in-all, it was a good show and I'm looking forward to the October show!

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The Parsippany show is a first-Sunday-of-the-month show.


It's always a good idea to get there early, especially on a day of a big football game.


I'm usually gone by 11:00, but I hear that dealers tend to pack up around 2:00 or 3:00 (depending on how busy the show is). On football Sundays, the dealers might start packing up around noon.

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