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Grades In From Across The Street - 1st Submissions in 2 Years

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I took advantage of the 4 grades for $25 membership that PCGS offered a year ago and since the year was about up, I submitted the 4 coins at the last Long Beach Show. No photos, but results & comments follow:


1) 1855 NGC 1/2 Cent, MS 65 RB - Sent in for crossover. Re color, obverse was borderline full RD, reverse was 70% RD. Coin had a slight planchet ding on obverse rim @ 9:00. Better than average strike. No contact marks, save for a small one you'd have to find below & to the left of the wreath. No spots. A guy who really knows his copper liked the coin & tried to buy it.


Thought I'd have the easiest time crossing this coin, rather than getting upgrades on any of the others. Coin DNC & I have a call into PCGS about this, as I want to know why; I am not happy about this.


The other three coins were sent in their PCGS holders for upgrades.


2) 1861 Quarter, PCGS MS 65 - This is a PQ coin formerly from the Noblet Collection. Neat die clashes, attractive luster, not a contact mark to be found. Coin is fully struck. No upgrade


3) 1831 Dime, PCGS MS 64 - Bought it from Bowers & Merena 3 years ago. Not a mark on it. Coin was dipped & attractively toned in amber & cobalt hues. Eagle's rt wingtip weakly struck, which is common for this series. Booming luster on reverse, more satinlike on the obverse. If the obverse looked like the reverse, it would be a no-brainer. Because of its clean surfaces, I thought it might upgrade. No dice.


4) 1938 D Nickel, PCGS MS 66 - This was a WTF coin I bought in conjunction with bidding on a Large Cent to avoid paying CA. sales tax a few years ago. I liked it because it has "the look." A few board members have seen it. You could show the coin to E.T., say "eye appeal," and he's understand what you meant.


The coin has ice-blue centers with golden rims on both sides. It was in an older green holder and is a real attention-getter, and I was hoping that its eye appeal would carry the day. The graders agreed with me. It upgraded to an MS 67.


All things considered, I'll take it. I think the upgrade on the nickel offsets my frustration re the DNC, though I'd still like to know why the 1/2 Cent DNC, as I'd like to think I know my copper.


Based on my first submission in two years, assuming the DNC stands, I do not think I will submit any coins for crossover in the near future. If the 1/2 Cent didn't cross, I honestly don't know what coin would successfully cross.


OTOH, this is not the first time I've gotten an upgrade by submitting a PCGS coin in its original holder.

So, irrespective of what some others may say, PCGS will upgrade some of its coins on in holder submissions, if they have outstanding eye appeal.


Coins submitted at the Long Beach Show June 3rd

Logged in as received on June 9th

Grades posted by PCGS July 2nd.

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An interesting story, and a topic where many of us have limited or no experience.

I'm glad you made the post !


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Elcontador - Nice descriptions and a good submission story. We all know the political crapola that occurs with crossovers. It's frustrating. When I'm dead sure of a coin, I always crack it, then submit it. That said, I've also submitted coins for upgrade (to NGC) and had similar results to you own. At times, I'll do this only to get a feel for where the market may be at the moment. Makes it interesting. (And I've done the same for downgrades/reviews as well.)


I hope you're satisfied, but I hope you can be happy with the copper in the NGC holder.



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