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Aggressive Fighting For The Right Is The Noblest Sport The World Affords

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Pretty cool quote, but it's not mine. It's actually a quote by one of my two favorite US Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt. My other favorite US President is Thomas Jefferson.



The plaque pictured weighs a ton and is about 10 inches by 13 inches with a thick, wire-hook loop embedded in the back so that it can be hung. These were done by James Earle Fraser, of Buffalo nickel fame, shortly after the death of Roosevelt in 1920. There are only five original pieces extant and these are residing in major museums. The upper right corner of the piece has "Fraser 1920" written with the copyright symbol between the 19 and 20. The Decorative Arts League made a limited number of these plaques available, but I don't know how many were ever produced. It was not a large number, and these do not appear all the time at auction.


I own two, one of which hangs in the foyer of our home and the other hangs in my office at work. These are fascinating from a numismatic standpoint in that Roosevelt was largely responsible for overhauling our coinage in the early twentieth century and was instrumental in getting Augustus Saint Gaudens to perform his numismatic work. Additionally, Fraser later provided us with the Buffalo nickel, that quintessential piece of Americana, and the catalyst for the design change enabling it was provided by Roosevelt.


Those instances when these are available, they seem to sell from $400-$1,200 depending on the venue. One of my pieces was bought in this range in private treaty and another was bought from ebay, of all places, when someone had one listed at under $200. They didn't know anything about it so I emailed them to let them know what they had. They didn't care and just wanted to get rid of it so I bought it.


I have some other pieces of exonumia but wanted to share this one. Who has other cool things? Whilborg recently shared a tremendously attractive Columbian Exposition medal and I know there is so much more lurking in our collections. These are the type of pieces we don't normally bring to shows and share, so let's share them here! smile.gif


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Superb Tom! thumbsup2.gifthumbsup2.gif


I'm also a great fan of Roosevelt and Jefferson. Where have their ideals gone?


The plaque is the inspiration for the proposed Roosevelt commemorative of 2005. I truly hope it comes to fruition. What's odd, is that the proposed coin is only for a silver dollar with no attending $5 or $10 gold piece. I think the Mint is missing the boat and should have their first $20 commemorative piece, as Roosevelt is most famous (numismatically) for his association with the coming of the Saint-Gaudens $20.



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That is one nice (expensive) wall ornament! 27_laughing.gif


Seriously, someday, I would like to own the #1 Felix Schlag plaque but I don't have 7 grand! And the guy who owns it lives right back here in my hometown! Now if that doesn't beat all! (Did I say that right?)



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