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Shifting Gears On Morgan Carson City Collection posted by Mr. Bo Jingles

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Going back to the basics-GSA Holders: The way these gems should be collected and revered.


I have been collecting Carson City Morgan dollars for a few years now. I have changed directions on my collection more times than my lovely wife wants to hear. I don't blame her...I have a bit of OCD running through my grey matter.


I have always loved trying to get real nice GSA holder dollars for my collection because of the history and provenance of the mint, the Comstock Load, and the coins themselves. Add to my passion (obsession?) for collecting GSA Holders the fact that many dealers and grading services cracked THOUSANDS of these coins out of their holders to be graded equals an issue that is most likely more rare than anybody really knows at this point.


Well, I have decided to part with all my Carson City Morgans that were slabbed in NGC and PCGS holders and pursue the GSA Holder set. Being on a strict budget makes this pretty tricky. I am retired and kind of picked the wrong set to attempt to collect considering my last name isn't Trump!


I look forward to this journey. I just recently acquired an 1881 MS66 that is a beauty and an 1885 MS65 (really want a MS66! Someday...) and that puts my set at 63% complete and it now sits at #52 on the NGC set ranking.


I am four coins away from the complete set. Of course, the last four coins are pretty much a long and winding road away from my set right now with me needing the 1878, 1879, 1880R78, and 1991 to finish my dream set.


It's going to take a bit of doing, but with any luck my wife will have a nice set when my collecting days are over.


Sorry for the poor scan on the 1881 I attached. I need to get some sharp images of all my beauties taken soon. Thank you to NGC for lifting the 200KB limit on registry pix! That will make things a bit easier for me!







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I just picked up my first CC Morgan in the GSA holder last night... it is ungraded, but I'll take care of that soon enough :) I like the fact that NGC will grade them in the holder... I wonder if I can get them to do the same for the Brown Ikes? Hmmm


Good Luck!

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I'm like you, if I get CC morgans, I only want them in the GSA case and if its NGC graded, I want the NGC ones were they are kept in the GSA case. No thanks for the PCGS gsa coins

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excellent post, I too have enjoyed the GSA specimens far more than the the TPG

specimens.....however I willl admit I do own 1 PCGS GSA and it is a 63PL

which I could not resist once it hit my hand and eyes.

good luck on your future hunts because it sounds like you and I will be looking at the same GSA coins for completion

I need 79,90,91 all are pricey but all stir the emotion enough not to give up now that I am this close

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I have six CC Morgans in GSA holders and love them all. Unfortunately, the really high grades like your MS-66 and the rare GSA's are out of my reach. Nevertheless, I am happy to have GSA's that range from MS-62PL to MS-65. All the best in completing your set, GSA's all the way!


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