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RE; Census Updates posted by Castronova

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I Believe Its Based On The Numbers of Coins Being Sent In To Grade. Not So Much By Who Is Sending Them In.


I agree that there are certain issues that have shown distinct delays in our being able to identify their market value prior to their being released to the masses, for the best profit margin attainable. If I know up front that a coin is getting graded about 6 to 1 PF70 v. Pf69, that coin automatically loses its appeal to me with regards to how much I'm going to pay for it, PF70 or not. Its no longer a rarity to me, even as a PF70. The major dealers who depend on NGC would, I'm sure, prefer that information takes its sweet-%$s time before finding its way to the general hoi-poloy, lest they find themselves sitting on a bunch of PF70 "Deadwood," no one is interested in buying at the dealer's jacked-up PF70 price. There's alot of that floating around right now as it is. These EBay/Internet dealers (You know who I'm referring to" are experiencing a downturn overall in sales and profits. Silver is down, its summer and the fact that the Perth Mint, for example is kicking out "70" quality coins all day long right now, is hurting these guys who rely on that grade to bring premiums that are in the realm of stupid. Why..'cause we ain't buying. Yes..its fair to say that there are and have been times that NGC certainly appears to be holding off posting numbers on a particular strike but I think alot of that could be when there is a strong continuing influx of submissions on a certain coin and the "dust" has yet to settle, so what's the point...There's so many variables to look at.. I called once asking why there was no census available on the 2012P 1 oz silver dragon, a month after that frenzy started last fall. "We reserve the right to not post census details," was the response..

I reserve the right to ask, "why?"


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I like the way you think.


In the related post I also agree with the technology observation. In the programming sequence; add -- update census -- somewhere after... update verification site... both would then be updated, in real-enough time.





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Uh-Oh....I can see them coming out with more labels, these to designate MS-70 Standard, MS-70 Premium, and MS-70 Ultra Premium, of course, then they will have to look at them a little longer, slowing down the whole process

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