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How could NGC DO this!?!?!?!?!?

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I ordinarily will not post someones auction, but I had to do it with these two. First is for a NGC slabbed non-FS Jeff that the seller "suggests" should be re-submitted for the FS attribution---but only after listing it as FS in the heading!




This second one is a ICG slabbed non-FS Jeff that the seller does the same thing with---pulls you in with a heading of FS only to find it isn't on the label!




Now, it is entirely possible that both coins ARE FS and was missed by both TPGs, but I don't think so. Ain't it great when sellers know how to attribute coins better then the professionals (giving credit to ICG in this respect)? 27_laughing.gif

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Your Thread title is as deceptive as this guy's auctions! (Kidding.)


This is only a guess, but is it possible the NGC coin was graded before NGC placed FS on the insert?

-I have no idea what's going on with the ICG Jefferson.

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I truly don't understand the title of your thread, David.


The NGC slabbed coin is from before they began to differentiate between 5 and 6 steps. The seller is still full of BS since they are not the grading service and if they truly think that the coin is FS, then they should resubmit it themselves. It would be worth the price difference. Otherwise, the buyer assumes all the risk.


The ICG slabbed coin is the reverse of 1938. That reverse is notoriously difficult to discern full steps with. However, I think that ICG would have caught it, although there's a slim chance they would not have. If it's anything like PCGS, then the odds are about 25% that the coin is actually FS. Also, the seeler has 0 feedback. How have they established themselves as an expert dealer in the series? Makes no sense. The coin is likely MS66 near FS.


Just MHO, Hoot

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I guess I was being overly simplistic in "suggesting" NGC graders would/could miss attributing the FS designation. While it is entirely possible that they did, I find it hard to believe. Giving the benefit of the doubt to NGC, for the seller to suggest he thinks it is FS, and the buyer could re-submit it to get the FS is, to me, just a ploy attempting to garnish higher bids.


To say it is FS and to attempt to sell it as FS when in fact it more then likely isn't, was my point. To do so with a raw coin is one thing---but to try it with a slabbed coin is altogether another! In these two instances, my instincts tell me to trust the TPG rather then the sellers!


How have they established themselves as an expert dealer in the series?



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On the first auction, call him on it and ask for a full refund of all shipping and ins. both ways if it's not FS! This seller also has 5 other nickels up and doesn't call them FS!


The second auction is too much of a risk to take due to the 0 feedback and from what I can see, it's a rev of 1940. The top step is thick and that's the giveaway!


On whether ICG or any other grading service, they all miss plenty including accurate and consistant grading! But have you forgot so soon how ICG missed the

1939 DDR!

When I'm searching the web for the FS nickels, Heritage, Teletrade, Ebay etc., I'll try to check out every possible avenue outside of the slabbed coin arena. I have seldom found anything collectable in a pcgs, icg, ngc segs, you name it, all for the exception of ANACS of course. I have wasted more time looking at coins in pcgs slabs then any other grading service but then again, I'm very picky! Right now, there are several FS nickels on Heritage and Teletrade and there might be one coin in either that might interest me in strike grade, and steps but that's me! I have bought 10X the raw coins over slabbed coins in my 14 years as a FS nickel collector. 95% of the dealers out there don't have a clue what there certifying or selling! They send the [!@#%^&^] in and if it gets certified, then it gets passed onto the collectors who of many, don't have a clue either! 27_laughing.gif




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