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Is someone hoarding 1873 half dime?

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According to the NGC pop report, I don't see this date is rare.

My book says it's R-3 so it's a bit sacre, but not rare, is it?

CDN(mine is published in 2002 but I don't think there's a big jump in price for seated half dimes scince then)says it's $96 in MS60 and $158 in MS63.........

I think I can afford.

But I hadn't seen this date in mint state auctioned for 2 years until I saw the upcoming B&M catalog(Jim Gray's collection)

Have you heared a rumor that someone is hoarding this date?

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It could be one of those dates that the general collecting public does not realize is as tough as it is, hence, bid prices remain stagnant and depressed. This is the case with the 1898-O Barber half, it is much tougher than folks realize and is, in fact, one of the hardest coins in the set in anything about F12. However, it doesn't get much play so the bid price is ridiculously low and the coins typically sell far in excess of it.

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totally unappeciated coins and a grossly undervalued series that well............ no one cares about


the most sexy coin in the legend obverse half dime series is the 1873 with the alluring s mintmark

this date and mintmark combo is just plain attractive and has a certian airy mystique about it devil.gif


an 1873 type set would be a huge undertaking with many coins to get and also popularized by mr. 1873 himself


harry x. boosel cloud9.gif


well back to the 1873-s love the date as per the above


also last half dime date minted and with the s mintmark a angel.gif893applaud-thumb.gif coin


extremely rare in true superb gem and higher


to find an 1873-s in this condition and with a thick original skin with light toning like an original rose coloration from original old time toning imparted over many many decades with a thick crusty crunchy original skin but basically white must be a close to unique if not unique coin


but this series again is not in demand at all underappreacited and well ........just not hot


if this series had the demand as say lincoln cents


this 1873-s as described as per the above would be a six figure coin with insatible hungry rabid demand following as such shocked.gif



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