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Looking for suggestions on selling part of my collection

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I've finally decided to give way to changes in my collecting directions which means it's also time for me to part ways with stuff I've collected for a long time. So, I'm looking for suggestions on which venue would be the optimum way to put things up for sale. I could use the BST, put them on eBay, or use Teletrade, but don't want to miss out on what could be a better way to turn these loose.


I realize that not all venues are optimum for every coin, so here's what I'll be selling: proof cameo and ultra cameo coins from 1950 - 1967. Some are slabbed by PCGS but most are slabbed by NGC.


Over the years I've sold quite a bit on eBay and on the BST, so I know how both of them work. That's it however...while I have purchased from Heritage, Teletrade, etc. I've never used them to sell anything. I have heard that R&I Coins would probably not be a good direction to take given the difference between their buy and sell prices, but this is only hearsay because I've not talked with them myself.


All suggestions are most welcome. Thanks!

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I firmly believe that the best way to sell coins is in a well publicized auction. As a buyer I prefer attending auctions that have no Buyers premium and no state taxes. If the Sellers premium is 15% (which is negotiable) that's about the best deal going.


From there all you need is a room full of bidders and preferably internet bidding also and you're most apt to get the best prices for your things. I won't give coins to an auction that doesn't go to the trouble to post pictures on the internet of your coins.


Find an auction, give them a few "test coins" and see what you've got.

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Regardless of which option you choose, I would use the bst across the street with the quality coins first. I would also list them in batches of like kind. Whatever is left I would place on ebay. Should you not get your price that you want for the quality coins on the bst then list them with teletrade(although know up front it can be a long drawn out process) I gave them my coins at the Baltimore show one year and this seemed to speed the process up. It seems to me that only the higher quality coins are moving quickly and for a fmv, the lower graded coins(common) are not selling anywhere near what one would want for them---JMO.

Whichever method you choose, I wish you great luck.


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Thanks everyone. The suggestions and PM's are most welcome and much appreciated.


While the thought of selling my proof collection has been percolating for sometime it was only last night that I finally settled on this path. So, I need to take stock of my options and figure out what's next. There are a number of coins that I really need to resubmit (hmmm, wasn't there a post about this just recently?) to our hosts before moving forward, so selling things isn't going to happen overnight.


Since this is the US Coins forum I feel very uncomfortable about discussing selling anything here as there is a different forum for that. I'm simply looking for ideas/suggestions because my efforts have been much more focused on buying/accumulating instead of selling unless it was to get rid of dupes. So, if you can share experiences in confidence with selling (PM's are good) and what worked for you (and what didn't) I'd really appreciate it!


When the direction is made I'll post something on the BST forum. But I'm still grateful for your ideas and suggestions. Thanks!

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