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any info on this ?

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The one you show as possibly the obverse seems to have Thai characters on it - at least one "2" just to the left of the top dead center; but the characters on the other side resemble Arabic. konfused.gif

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Is that an image of a scorpion on one side? If so, you may want to investigate which countries use or did use a scorpion as a symbol.

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Ok, I think i got it. smile.gif


INDIA / JAIPUR /Milled coinage.

KM# 185/6

1 ANNA probeblly 1943/4

Brass composition, And NO VALUE! :-/

(krause list for less then a buck)



I thought that is a scorpion or somkind of flower leaf,


krause describe the obverse as "JHAR"


I was searching online for jhar but found no definete answer.

the only thing that made somkinda of sence is,


Jhar- hindi- a place where water falls.


which with some active imagionation the scorpion can look like a fountain ?

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