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Kingofthejungle---Loan me $10,000!!!!!

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Leo, would you be so kind as to proffer up a loan of $10,000 so your buddy David can have an early birthday present? Or you, Hoot, jtwax, John and I could split it 5 ways @ $2000 ea.!?!?!?!?!?




I've done business with Bob who runs Eagle Coin Galleries out of Floride before. If ever there was someone I trusted to offer raw FS Jeffs, correctly graded and attributed, it would be him.


I'm drooling just thinking about having this set! And my collecting doldrums seem to have disappeared after finding this auction!

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Damn! David! If you had just asked yesterday, I wouldn't have sent that money to my poor, poor grandma! insane.gif


Fun to contemplate looking through a set like that, but the thrill would be short-lasting! I'd rather keep at it, one miserable coin at a time! 893whatthe.gif



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Well David,

If I were you, I'd find out who Hoot's grandma is......that would probably be your best bet! 27_laughing.gif

Bob has added some excellant nickels to my collection! But we also have our differences as I'm a very picky-arse sob when it comes to locating those high quality FS nickels and he knows it! For the 10 g's, what does the collection have to offer, would be my question! With 14+ yrs collecting these FS nickels, I don't believe there's anything there that would upgrade my collection. But there may be some very nice nickels in there!



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