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Coencidence or something more? A Morgan Toner Experiment.

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There has been a lot of debate and discussion as of late about toned Morgan's. I was intrigued by what I read on this thread and decided to snag the "toners" out my family's ungraded complete Morgan set (minus 1895) that have been together for the past 40 years. There were 8 that had interesting colors to them, so I sent them in ATS. Here we're the results:


1878-p 7tf rev 79 MS64

1879-s MS64

1883-o MS63

1883-s Gen. Questionable color

1884-o MS64

1886-p MS64

1887-s Gen questionable color

1891-s MS64

1897-o gen. Questionable Color


I just found two things odd. All of these were BU. none made it to MS65, which would have been awesome in the dates that graded 64. The ones that would have been tremendous just to get an MS grade came back Genuine, questionable color.

I can't help but feel regulated in some way, but it's probably just my frustration coming out. Does NGC give a star to what it feels deserves it, or is it a tier request like varieties are. I think I'm

Going to send them in to NGC for a regrade. I'll post some pics when they get in.

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I feel for you. I have a couple of toned Kennedys that I'm almost certain PCGS will "bodybag" for QC when I know for a FACT they are naturally toned (in a Dansco). When/If I ever send them in I'll both get a laugh out of it and then cry for the money I wasted in the submission. heh



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I just sent off a few invoice to NGC and I am quite nervous as to the outcome myself as both PCGS and NGC have been pretty tight on toners. I sent (9) 1972 Silver Canadian Dollars that I bought in a lot in the original mint package and they are 100% NT but the toning is nearly identical on each coin. So since NGC has not seen the original package they may decide that 9 coins with the same date and same toning colors is to much of a coincedence and could body bag them all. I hope this is not the case and I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt as I have had a lot of success submitting to them and I prefer their service and staff to that of PCGS.

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If you at first do not succeed... try... try again.


I have often had coins bodybag (I refuse details grading) at NGC only to resubmit them 6 months to a year later and they grade. Two even came back with stars.


Not sure how you go from AT to a Star but it happens...


Be patient, the toning game is now no different than the crack out game especially on really nice color or on dates that have a big premium for toning.


Remember this is a business.

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i stay away from toning coins just cause of the money it takes to get graded. i used to get angry when they BB a coin just to charge me another grading fee later and grade it.


i do think they (the grading companies) do control population of coins. like they regulate just how many of certin grades are out there. the more of a high grade coin out there the less it is worth!

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40 years is only back to 1970 - you have to go back 10 years before then to be reasonably sure artificial toning was not used.


Conditions look reasonable for that era. What about the scarce pieces?


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