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This weeks First and Second place winners will be picked at random…The question must be answered by Saturday at midnight EST.




Prior to 1964, which US coins were struck outside the Philadelphia Mint but do not have a mintmark? Name at least three different ones.


Our first place winner will receive a copy of Carson City Morgan Dollars, Featuring the coins of the GSA Hoard Autographed by Selby Ungar.


There will also be a runner up prize given to a selected player with the correct answer.


REMINDER: The Numisma-Quest ends on Saturday at midnight EST. Entries after that time will not be valid. See the Trivia info post for more details


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I don't think I understand this one. But i'll give it a shot. :facepalm:


The Lincoln cent is the only coin that does not always have a mint mark, using a "D" when struck in Denver but lacking a "P" when ostensibly struck at the Philadelphia mint; this practice allows additional minting of the coin at the San Francisco mint

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Prior to 1964, which US coins were struck outside the Philadelphia Mint but do not have a mintmark? Name at least three different ones.




1840 (O) Medium Letters 50C – struck in New Orleans using a reverse die previously employed to strike 1839-O 50C.


1922 No D 1C – struck at Denver, mintmark errantly removed from late state die.


1925 Ft. Vancouver 50C – struck at San Francisco, mintmark omitted.


We also would have accepted the 1870 (S) Gold Dollar. The first 1,000 examples struck this year at San Francisco were made without mintmark; whether or not they were released is unknown.


Congratulations to nunfa0, this week’s winner. While we were looking for Federal coinage, we believe his answer to be technically correct.


Thank you for playing and please stop by this Friday for the PMG Numisma-Quest question

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I can think of an additional twenty-six (26) coins that were minted outside Philadelphia and have no mint mark.


Coins Minted by the US MANILA MINT from 1920 to 1922 have no Mint Mark. These coins include:


1) 1920 One Centavo

2) 1921 One Centavo

3) 1922 One Centavo

4) 1920 Five Centavos

5) 1921 Five Centavos

6) 1920 Ten Centavos

7) 1921 Ten Centavos

8) 1920 Twenty Centavos

9) 1921 Twenty Centavos

10) 1920 Fifty Centavos

11) 1921 Fifty Centavos


Another example of a U.S. Branch Mint producing coins without a Mint Mark are the regular-strike Silver Bullion Eagles struck at the WEST POINT Mint since 2000. This includes:


12) $1 2000 Eagle

13) $1 2001 Eagle

14) $1 2002 Eagle

15) $1 2003 Eagle

16) $1 2004 Eagle

17) $1 2005 Eagle

18) $1 2006 Eagle

19) $1 2007 Eagle

20) $1 2008 Eagle

21) $1 2009 Eagle

22) $1 2010 Eagle

23) $1 2011 Eagle

24) $1 2012 Eagle


25) Then of course there is the 2011 regular-strike $1 Silver Eagle minted at the SAN FRANCISCO MINT.


26) Next on my list is the MMIX Ultra High Relief $20.00 Gold Coin minted at the WEST POINT MINT.


PS I posted this entry Saturday 2/25/2012 at 5:05 PM EST. Why did NGC close this weeks contest before the announced deadline?

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