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Hows the coin bull market going?

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Mostly hype. Just certain coins have gone up. I'd say speculators are buying up certain coins, hoping to sell to someone else for a profit a relatively short time later.

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it is going so so for lots of stuff


only the good stuff is doing good and hopefully? will get better


if i knew the answers to this great 893applaud-thumb.gif thread thumbsup2.gif i would not be here i would be retired and.......... 893blahblah.gif893blahblah.gif893blahblah.gif893blahblah.gif


anyway in answer to this really interesting thread


coins that are still a value buy and have some sort of extra special extraordinary qualities about them that have not been run up in this market


special coins where you cant just go out and locate them easy


coins where they are at least what the grade says on the pcgs/ngc holder and maybe better or undergraded underdesignated and with extreme exceptional eye appeal be they graded poor1 or ms68*



exceptional eye appeal

extraspecial quality coins

correctly graded non problem coins in holders if undergraded even better

coins if broken out of of their respective holders are worth close to what they are worth in their respective holders if not more



this does not always apply but high grade low pop coins

pre 1950 or thereabouts



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I soon may find out how the strong the market is. I am considering driving down to Long Beach to meet and talk with ANR about their August auction. I think that it may be time to sell my US gold collection and auction would be the best place, price-wise.


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