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Building a NGC PF70 Silver Coins and Eagles collection. Any ideas?

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This year for my New Years resolution, I told myself that I would build a collection on NGC graded PF70 ultra cameo silver coins, from American Silver Eagles, to Dimes of at least 60 coins (3 NGC slab boxes). The focus for this collection is 2010-2012 Silver coins, Eagles and Silver Commemoratives.

So far I have purchased 15 NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo silver coins, as well as 2 NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo clad coins. The clad PF70 coins are another "project" that I am hoping to complete by April, and get 40 PF70 Ultra Cameo clad coins graded by NGC, from halves to nickels.


What my question to you collectors and hobbyists on here is, -which denom. should I seek out more? Do you think that certain denominations will hold/increase in value or will they all gain value? And what do you think is a reasonable price to pay on 2011 PF70 coins, ASE, and Commemoratives? Money really is not an issue but I want to know what prices I should avoid. I will be buying the PF70's mostly on Ebay. Also,with the different NGC labels used on coins: Early Release, First Release, Brown label, blue label etc, are Early Release labeled coins more valuable than First release coins and so on?


I would really appreciate what you think, I've been planning to do this collection project since August last year. I don't plan on selling any of the coins for several years, I'm doing this for the long run. :wishluck:





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Your question begs another question: What denomination or issues to you enjoy most?


I love the ASE proofs, but they're like the Dallas Cowboys, You either love em, or hate em. I have consistently made money trading the ASE, not a fortune or anything like that. I buy 10 to 20 get them graded, and sell them mostly to local clients. (No ebay fee) I guess if you factored in my time value, I probably break even but it's a hobby for me. Oh, I made good money trading the 25 Anniversary sets. Sold 4 sets kept 1 set


Check out some the Jaime Roosie Collections if you like Dimes Roosie


The State Quarters were very popular, but that faded when the US Mint decided to do it all over again. I still have my PF70 silver set though.


Why the 2010-2012 focus?








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Your comments also beg another question. Can you tell the difference between a 69 & 70?


If you can't, then you're wasting a lot of money buying 70's that would get you many, many more 69's. Forget about Early Releases. It's a waste of money. Finally, there is no guarantee that any of these will be a good investment, and if you look at some of the past histories of just the last decade, you'll probably find many that are a losing propostition.



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OP- Its hard for me to say which denominations I enjoy the most. But if I had to choose one, it would be half dollar. The ASE proofs in my opinion, would probably bring in good money any day and are a solid investment. Im focusing on mostly 2010-2012 because I really have not seen many PF69-PF70 coins from earlier dates. Probably I will see more in the next few months, once Ebay sellers run out of PF69-PF70's from 2011 and what not. I know there are older Proof coins on Ebay But this thread is about this one perticular project I'm doing. I'm still buying morgans and walkers, etc.


Cpm9- I can tell the difference, but I understand what you are saying. I think when I said I wanted to fill 3 slab boxes of PF70's I exagerated And I forgot to mention that I also want to fill a box of PF69's. Do you think I should just go with buying more PF69 silver coins than PF70's? The early release thing I can understand why your saying its a waste of money, I don't think it will matter a whole lot in the future what the label is.

Thanks for your input guys!


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