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can a copper coin like this be helped from further corrosion?

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This is a very good question and photograph.


Without examining the coin first hand, it is difficult to say exactly how suitable this coin is for conservation; however, we have had great success in addressing corrosion spots on copper coins.


We have numerous techniques that could be helpful in reducing the corrosion spots on this coin. Most likely the dark spots would remain but their appearance and severity would be reduced. Most importantly, the coin would be much more stable than it is now.


If submitted, we would evaluted the coin to determine the extent of the corrosion and the best way to deal with it. My "guess" based on viewing only a photo is that we may be able to reduce the spots slightly and remove other contaminants on the coin that may be contributing to the corrosion.


Regardless of your choice of action, I recommend checking other coins in your collection to determine if anything in you storage area or holder may be contributing to this type of problem. Corrosion, especially on coins like this, can flourish in moist, warm environments.


Thanks for posting,

Brian Silliman

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