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Solid US coin investment???

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Could someone give me some recommendations on a US coin to collect for investment purposes;a winner year in and year out, sort of like X-Men #1. I am crossing over from comic country and want to get involved with coins a bit too. Thanks in advance.

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There is probably no such animal. Oh sure there are many great old coins which have gone up consistently year after year but these are rare and command large amounts of money. Despite their steady advance there can be no certainty it will be maintained in the future. There are also a few moderns which have gone up steadily since they were made, but these might present even greater risk since the market is relatively new. Additionally putting much money into more recent coins can cause storage problems.


Coins make excellent collectibles and can be a lot of fun. Many times collections can increase dramatically in value but this is generally the result of learning about the coins and finding ones which are underappreciated.


If you must invest in coins then you'll need to get a feel for the hobby and how collectors and the hobby may evolve. Always seek rarity and quality at the most highly favorable prices and you could profit on an investment. However you decide to pursue coins, I hope you find great pleasure in them.

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Key coins are always desirable, but the market as a whole will have it's ups and downs, as well as the popularity of each coin series.


Certified coins are definately the way to go for any expensive purchase, but you will need experience and/or a very trusted "friend" to help you select premium quality pieces for the assigned grade as this can vary tremendously from one coin to the next.


Start slow, get informed, and look at lots and lots and lots of coins!



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Howdy and welcom, elgrumpy. You've gotten some good advice already in that no one can reliably predict the market. My advice to you is what I tell everyone; buy what you like with money you can afford to lose.

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Senor Grumpy,


There are three coins that I feel will have tremendous appreciation with time: the three special "matte finish" coins of the '90's.


1) The 1994 matte Jefferson nickel found in the Jefferson Coin & Currency set.


2) The 1997 matte Jefferson nickel found in the Botanical Garden C&C set.


3) The 1998 Kennedy matte half sold with the '98 RFK commem.


All have low mintages, especially the 1997 nickel at only 25,000.


p.s. A matte finish is where the mint produces a 'sandblasted' finish onto the dies, which, of course, transfers to the coin during striking.


p.p.s Additionally, I feel that alot of ninteenth century type coins are underappreciated.


Regardless of what you end up specializing in, you should always avoid coins with " buts ". i.e. this coin would really be sweet but for......

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