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Liberty Seated Collectors Club Central States meeting report

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This isn't by any means an OFFICIAL report by the club, but as a member and a meeting attendee i'll make a post.


John McCloskey (president) did most of the talking and Larry Briggs jumped in with a few appropriate points during the meeting.


The 5th collective of the Gorbrecht Journal is well on it's way to being completed but there've been a few snafu's. Issues 66 and 67 (i think) were stored digitally somewhere and irretrievable so they might have to be retyped. Another problem is that since the 4th volume was printed we've ushered in the digital age and the earlier journals and their photographs are old, worn out or just completely missing so re-imaging has been a problem. The subsequent versions of the Collective will all be on digital media and should be easily reproduced. (Something tells me that in the 60's someone in the printing business, awestruck at the technology then probably had some equally misguided projection about books back then, but I really believe the new digital age will see us through )


Printing for the Journal will be done 100 at a time and reprinted as needed. Digital printing makes this much more cost effective than GUESSING at a needed quantity and being horribly wrong in one direction or another. John will have a progress report in August at Pittsburgh.


The Half Dollar survey from January is complete and being tabulated. I hope you all participated.


Read the next volume of the Journal for some exciting information on an upcomming book (NO HINTS I don't want to steal all his thunder).


John made a plea to the attending members for some active participation by the current members. He mentioned that there have been some IMPORTANT sales of seated coins in the past few years that barely get a hiccup of attention unless he or a select few other people bother to write about it. He's going to propose in Pittsburgh that a committee of volunteers are formed to consistantly communicate with each other, all auction houses, all publishers, all the great collections, the whole seated community at large and get some more information in the journals. The ad revenue is going down for the journal because of the timliness of the journal and the lack of desire for anyone to advertise coins and prices in it compared to the lightening fast transactions on the internet. He didn't say the journal was going to suffer financially, but we're going to have 6-8 blank pages to fill with content. More writings are needed. Coming up in a July sale is a Complete Seated Collection by B&M and he's really hoping some articles will get written about this significant auction then in 2005 the Richmond Collection comes up and that'll be a great opportunity for some information.



The next Seated Survey will be Half Dimes in January 05. He's going to do one per year so that no one gets tired of submitting their info. The only reason HD's are next is that that's the ONLY LIST he has had submitted by someone. So if you want any other denomination tallied, MAKE A LIST and get communicating with him for the January 06 survey.


John had 2 examples of COUNTERFEIT seated dollars that are coming out of China and RIPPING off the ebay/unsuspecting community. I WOULDN'T BUY UNSLABBED DOLLARS AT ANY GRADE ANY PRICE IF I WERE YOU UNLESS YOU'VE HELD IT, WEIGHED IT AND KNOW IT'S OK. One fake was bad but the other was great.


If I remember anything else i'll edit and ttt this. The meeting had a dozen or so guys there and lasted 30-40 minutes or so. It was a pleasure for me to meet the man himself and you should hit the next meeting if you're within 500 miles of Pittsburgh in August

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when viewed in person sight seen this seated coin



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devil.gif eye flowerred.gifappeal devil.gif




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"totally crunchy crinkly thick skinned"



Michael, that is the best description for a coin, ever. thumbsup2.gif





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Thanks for the report! We get a lot of show reports but almost never do we get any reports from the specialty club meetings! (hint, hint - to any of you who get to any of those meetings!)


I went to my first LSCC meeting at last year's ANA and was overwhelmed to see that (I think) every living author of a book on Seated coins, except Weimar White, was in the room with me.


I did my bit to fill up a couple of pages of The Gobrecht Journal in the most recent issue and was impressed at how professional an editor John McCloskey is.


If any of you have even the slightest interest in Seated coins, or even just want to see high quality numismatic research, I urge you to join the LSCC and get The Gobrecht Journal!

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Terrific report of the meeting. smile.gif I am missing two of the collective volumes from my own library and will have to see if Charlie Davis can help me out with them.

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