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25th Anniversary Silver eagle set to be released ! NGC and others I need your feedback !

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Special label or not?


Back in 2006 the U.S mint released the 3 coin set of the 20th anniversary set. NGC had I special Label for those coins. The catch to get those special labels were to have them unopened from the mint and put them in another box and send them to NGC. NGC members had to officially open the box from the U.S. Mint and they were all designated as the 20th anniversary. If the Mint box was opened and then sent to NGC, the only coin that could get the specia designation was the Reverse Proof. The other 2 coins got the regular brown laber, because there was no way to tell if people cherry picked the other 2 coins to make a perfect set.

Now, here we are in 2011 and the U.S. mint is releasing another set and it is a 5 coin set. My main concern is that NGC has some Silver Eagles with a 25th anniversary Label. This new set to be released October 26th and is the true 25th anniversary set.

I need to know if the same guidelines for the 25th anniversary follow the 20th Anniversary?

1) Is there going to be a unique special 25th anniversary

Label for this 5 coin set?

2) Does the sets have to be unopened to recieve these special



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Hi Paul, I hope that you can fine out, so the rest of us will know, it would be news if we receive these set's and open them and NGC put out the word that the set's must be unopen when senting them in, this would be bad news for all. you would think that NGC would said if they were going to make a special designation by now, there are only four day to go. Don

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According to Max from NGC, there will not be a Black Label available for the 25th Anniv. Eagle set. Just a blue label

And yes the Mint box needs to be sent unopened to recieve the 25th Anniv. Label

Link to "ask NGC" about the blue and black label


Link to "ask NGC" about opened or unopened mint set for the 25th Anniv. Label

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Hi Paul. As Chris1976 said box must be umpopended, I was told by a person at NGC when I call that the 25th ASE Set must be in the US Mint sealed shipping box that came from the mint. If you open the mint shipping box and then send it in it will no get the designation as 25th Anniversary Set just 25th Anniversary. The key word is SET. I did not ask about the color of the labels. Again put your sealed US Mint shipping box into a shipping box. Do not open it if you want the 25th Anniversary Set lable and if you would like to keep a set you will have to put in two separate orders to the US Mint. The US Mint ships all orders in the same box.


Happy Collecting,











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Just to Re-Cap what the Guy's said,

The Set will be issued at 12 Noon - Thursday, October 27th. The most important issue is to have these coins "Officially" distinguished from the current 25th Anniv. and Other Labels, with the

"25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle SET" Label,


To accomplish this:


1. After receiving your coin sets and Prior to shipping, Be sure to itemize your objective for these coins on the NGC Invoice, and include the approp. processing funds,


2. Pack the US Mint carton into another box, and ship to NGC, and most important ~


3. Get down on your knees, Pray they all come back ALL 70's!



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  • Administrator

Hi all,


Ed J summed up most of it, but to answer all of the questions so that there's no confusion.


We have one special label for this set. It has a 25 in the background and a blue bar at the bottom. You can view this label, and others, here.


Coins must be submitted in the sealed mint shipping box -- if the box is opened only the coins that are unique to the 25th Anniversary Set can get that label (Reverse PF and S-mintmarked coin). The coins should be submitted under the Modern Special tier and you should write on the submission form 25TH ANNIVERSARY SET.


We will be labeling all of the coins Early Releases if they are received by us within the first 30 days of issue. Make sure you write EARLY RELEASES on the submission form as well. You can view Early Release cut-off dates here.


We are looking into an option to have the mint packaging shipped back to you -- this will be an additional fee to cover postage and has yet to be determined.


An article/press release will be posted to the NGC homepage as soon as all of the details are worked out.




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Please refer to NGC's official release and submission instructions here:




The EARLY RELEASES designation information posted by Broke-Daddy is incorrect. October 27, 2011 is not the "issue" date. It is the on-sale date. The on-sale date has nothing to do with the EARLY RELEASES designation.


EARLY RELEASES is based on release date, which corresponds to the date on which the Mint first ships product to customers. The United States Mint product ordering page for the 2011 American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set projects the likely release date by stating "hipping is expected to begin in late November, 2011." The EARLY RELEASES eligibility period will extend 30 days from then and will therefore likely extend to late December, 2011.


For complete EARLY RELEASES designation information, refer to:






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