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2011 Silver Eagle MS70 complete set posted by Eagles-R-it

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Almost there


Hi, my first entry. I am collecting MS70 2011 Eagles. I think I have a complete set as it stands now with what I can find out in the market. The hardest one was the Eagle BRN/Gold label, and the ALS non-early release. I will get them listed and pictures added as soon as I figure out how to do this stuff. I am a computer newbie also. As I figure there are 12 different MS70 Silver Eagle holders in NGC right now. I also have nearly all the PCGS 2011's. Someone help me out on the number of different MS70's available now. Thanks and hope to get all the pics in my manager soon.


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ALL 2011 MS70 Silver Eagles are all the same no matter what the holder's label looks like. The idea that a Flag holder or Early Release adds value to the coin is crazy. The market may bare a small premium due to demand but over time that will become nil. Buy the coin not the holder. I just bought a 1964 ICG graded 25c that was graded Proof 70 Deep Cameo, the coin looks nice its easily an Ultra Cameo from NGC but come on it was only $24 and it cannot be what the holder claims it to be. I am going to submit it to NGC and I bet it will be a PF68UC or maybe on a good day a PF69UC. I would have bought it even if it was just in a coin flip at a coin show.


I want to design my own label that only my coins can receive and then if I ever decide to sell a coin or two then maybe some newbies out there will assume it is more valuable just because of the RARE label WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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