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Got the grades for my toned cents back yesterday!

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These aren't back yet, but I called NGC yesterday, got grades, and were told they shipped yesterday... they were received 4/12, shipped 4/30... not bad at all.


1978-S: PF66RB You can really see the contrast here, so I was hoping for CAM. Can't really complain about the technical grade, as I didn't look for hairlines, etc.






1968-S: PF67RB Hoping for a star on this one... but I'll take it! laugh.gif




1962: PF65BN and PF66BN Now, since these were both on the same line, I don't remember which is which. I also don't remember which obverse goes with which reverse blush.gif (I think I'm right with these pics). I was very pleased with these grades--there are some dull brown patches that I was hoping wouldn't be called corrosion (didn't look like it to me, but others mentioned it). Anyway, I love the color on these bad boys.








1976-S: PF64RB CAM This one kind of hurt. Awesome electric blue toning and cracked from a proof set since the other coins were spotted. I expected a higher technical grade, and possibly a DCAM, since the reverse is clear. Anyhoo, the coin is awesome.


So, no stars, but no bodybags either. Can't say I'm not pleased smile.gif



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i really like the obverse toning on the 1978-s and the toning on the reverse of the 1968-s both have sort of red/pink toning with blue highlights same as with the obverse two cent in proof i posted on here in another thread


sometimes copper tones this way on proof copper coins and it is really attractive as such with these two lincoln's thumbsup2.gif and two cent thumbsup2.gif both again in proof


the reverse of the 1978-s and the obverse of the 1968-s proof lincolns are not anywhere as great as their corresponding respective sides which is the case of many a coin





the 1968-s and 1978-s proof lincoln cents and the proof two cent are of ALMOST the same metal composition of


lincoln cent 1968-s 1978-s .950 copper .050 zinc

two cent 1864-1873 .950 copper .050 zinc and tin


just over 100 years apart

all proofs

and 1968-s lincoln reverse, 1978-s lincoln obverse 1864 two cent piece obverse


similar color toned wild devil.gif




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Michael, this is one quality I admire most about you: Your love for ANY coin that is highly attractive, regardless of its status. Classics or Contemporary coinage- if it is original and eye appealing, you are drawn to it. Good for you for not allowing yourself to be blinded by coin catagories and placement presented by others. You think for yourself.

And Jeremy, nice Memorials! Very pretty.

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