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eye candy with chocolate and sprinkles on top with a cherrie and whipped creme

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thanks evp 893applaud-thumb.gif


i still cant figure out how to get the photo to appear on the thread shocked.gif


i did it yesterday and today i cant get it to work 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


i think it might have something to do with the user................me 27_laughing.gif



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lucy thumbsup2.gif


an unusual coin for a two cent piece with these colors


especially so with one side red/orange/pink combo and the reverse aqua blue with some highlights like the colors on the obverse


now thses colors would be uncommon like this on a proof lincoln cent from the 1960's on up and then to have the two distinct colors on both sides really rare!


this proof two cent piece is the ultimate with this look as the coin back in 1865 would have to had been put away many many decades and left like this besides having being put in storagre when it was full blazing proof red to get colors like these and with the storage techniques back in the middle 19 century it is amazing it did not turn dark brown with dull surfaces


it is too bad this coin is so underapprecaited and undervalued as such because the same scarce lincoln cent/buffalo nick coin with the pop of this proof two cent piece and with this overall monster look would be priced close to $20,000 easy............




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