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Mint Error

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I currently have a 1997 silver penny, I want to know if it may be real. I am not sure becuause it doesn't have the letter that says where it was made like a P or D. I don't know anything about coins. So if anyone could help me or would like to see a picture just ask.

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Without seeing a picture, I have several bits of info.


1. No mintmark (letter) means it's from Philly. One cent pieces are the only ones made without a P mintmark.


2. The cent is probably not silver, but is likely one of two possibilities...


Posibility 1: If the coin is about the same weight as a normal post 1982 cent and it does not show a ring of copper around the edge of the coin, then it is likely the piece is an unplated zinc cent (mid-1982 through current cents are copper plated zinc). Beware of removed copper plating.


Possibility 2: If the coin is smaller than normal and the edges aren't sharp, and there is a ring of copper around the edge, then it is likely the piece is a cent struck on a dime planchet.


I have seen earlier cents minted on foreign planchets of aluminum and other metals, however I do not know if this is still possible or not.


I hope that gives a starting point.

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