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new purchase: 1853 Half

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Very pleased with the purchase since it will fill a vacancy in my type set. Noted that it is a bit dark but that is ok with me since it is original. Pinnacle also had an 1837 no stars half dime (au) with sweet, concentric blue toning. However, there were two very noticable scratches on the obverse, severe enough to cause me to pass. When possible, I avoid coins with "buts".


The following comments are from Michael L. :




I am sure many were saved but they do not look like this coin with this grade and originality and eye appeal and true unc coins are rare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think pricewise this coin is high wholesale (at $695). Considering its quality and eye appeal and originality and because its a one year silver 19 century seated type coin, this coin is a superb value. There is currently little demand from collectors for this coin but watch this coin rise in value. It's a bread and butter collector's coin always saleable in the 650 to 850 price range


It is not an investor's coin but is a collector's coin. Superb originality but again darker than the photo.





scarce one year type coin that has not done anything pricewise for many years the coin is original and in person i am sure of it is darker than the scan but it is a really attractive original coin


this coin is underapprecaited and undervalued and again a one year type coin when many start to put together type sets of the seated series this coin will be a fast riser


just like the early dollars where the last five years as for 20 years the early dollars did nothing


will this be the case of the seated series/ and even more so this necessary one year type coin??

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The look and color are super. The blue/green and lemon (especially in the drapery) really make it jump. The detail of the design is IMO pretty busy, but incredibly detailed. The arrow feathers and talons are very delicate. What a pretty coin.

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Thanks for all of the posts and sorry that it took so long to reply but since I'm "on the road", I have to go to the public library in order to do so.


Well, I finally got the coin in the mail today. The fields were near perfect and proof-like. No hair lines were evident and only three very insignificant nicks in the right obverse field. The strike is awesome with strong devices and denticles. The colors are simply gorgeous with some that couldn't be found in the 128 pack of Crayolas . smirk.gif The reverse wasn't as stunning but it still was bold and near mark free. Yet, I'm going to send this coin back.... frown.giffrown.giffrown.gif Why? Because, apparently it had undergone a cleaning decades ago and there is still a large amount of cleaning compound imbedded around the reverse lettering, the eagle's beak and claws and around the date and arrows. Man, what a shame! Maybe NCS could do something about it but all of the sweet toning would be lost and, I'm fearful that an acidic cleaning compound remaining on the surface for so many years would have eaten into the surface of the coin. I'm still very tempted to do so but I am very hesitant to gamble. Any feedback, board members? It would be extremely difficult to replace this coin but I'd hate to get back a pitted, spotted & blast white coin that would show its history so transparently. Anyway, feedback?

Thanks. p.s. it is graded AU 55 by NGC.




p.p.s Here is another purchase that I'm waiting on now. My fingers are crossed. I hope that it is as sweet as it appears.



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