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A CALL TO LIBERTY! posted by DM Merrill Associates, Inc.

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A Formerly Rejected Series Calls Me Back.


I lost interest in Liberty Head Nickels years ago. In fact, I even wrote about it in a journal article 2005 (No Accounting For Taste). I sold the few examples that I owned, even a couple of rolls of well-worn coins.


However, I've begun experiencing an all too familiar itch of late. NO, not athlete's foot! But that itch of growing interest in another coin series.


In recent months, I've re-read Peters and Mohon's, Shield and Liberty Head Nickels book. Then in March, I purchased a 1912-S coin. This bumped my total to 3 coins: an '83NC, '86, and'12-S.

Then the critical step; I created a Registry Set- The die was cast!!!


I found myself increasingly scanning Dealer inventories for Liberty Nickels. Finally, Isuccumbed. I just couldn't hold out anymore! Two gorgeously toned coins arrived yesterday, and have been added to my registry set. And, I have to admit, more are on the way!


Coins are a strange addiction! Just when I think that I have the habit under control, another series jumps up and bites me, HARD!


Oh well, I guess it could have been tobacco or alcohol.


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Liberty nickels and Barber coins are examples of coins that look very unattractive when well worn but look beautiful when in high or MS grades. Good luck with your collection and keep us posted on your progress

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