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post your blue toned whales!! mostly blue toned coins only

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Michael, do any of these qualify?


NO SLABS here - these are coins you can experience in the flesh, the way it was meant to be! Well, OK, maybe a couple of slabs, but not for long ... Also, no proofs either. It's a much greater challenge finding beautifully toned business strike coins than proofs.





































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wow wild all really nice coins james


my all time fav coins are that large cent wild!!!!!!!!!


is that for sale?


the 1909 vdb lincoln cent superb


the 1890 dime


the 1835 half dime


1861 half


a good thread with all these coins so many can see toning and what it is like on a variety of coins from the early 1800's to the mid 20 th century


i bet they are better in person



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i think so too james>>>>>>>>it is harder in general to find neatly toned business strike coins


myself i love the slabs just another plus for me as long as the coin is all there and the coin is properly graded as such and most importantly is fairly priced for what it is


and hopefully not a mistake problem coin in a coffin


a better plus if it is undergraded in the holder





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Blue? James' coins aren't blue. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


OK, since blue isn't completely necessary....









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that 62 cent is a killer jeremy let me know how it does at ngc


john that 1919 is a monster! wow


the rupee is a great looking coin!!!!!!!! wild




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great original coin mikeking these half cents usually are this greenish blue color and the exact hue as this when they tone in proof and with the mirrored surfaces


is the coin a proof? lets assume it is a proof with the mirrors and surfaces with the colors the way the proofs come i am assuming it is


a wild coin wow!!


if i had to guess i would say it is between 1831 and 1836


i would have to guess 1833 then 1835



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well, the half cent is 1833 proof-like. You will see the clash mark on the reverse which takes it out of proof status. I no longer own this coin and kind of wish I had kept it because of it's beauty. It is actually a multicolored coin, and a lot of what it looks like depends on how light is allowed to reflect off of it. There is a lot of green in it, but this can appear bluish or greenish yellow to golden depending on the lighting etc...by far, a nice coin to look at.



there are some mighty nice coins posted in this thread. in fact, all of them are pretty fantastic!

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sweet coin that 1833 little half sister


i could not see the clash marks from the scan but whomever took the photo it is one of the best i have seen


this is the way prooflike and proof half cents look with these blueish yellowish and greensih colors and with the flat hard surfaces of a proof or prooflike


sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! 893applaud-thumb.gifthumbsup2.gif893applaud-thumb.gif



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Michael- It is hard to believe this pattern is actually struck in copper. Even with the coin in hand it looks like a toned silver piece.



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Very cool threads that you started, Michael, and way cool coins that people are posting! thumbsup2.gif Here are a few mostly blue coins that are taken with different imaging techniques.


An NGC MS66 1858 half dime that is mostly blue but also has burnt crimson and auburn. A nice coin that is very flashy and the image was captured with diffused lighting and a digital camera.


This is a scan of an NGC PF65BN 1891 IHC and the coin is wildly and evenly blue on both sides. You may remember, Michael, that you and I spoke about this coin at length on the phone one evening at about 4:00 AM. I had owned this coin and foolishly let it slip out of my hands to shylock, however, he later sold it back to me.


This coin was described to me by the seller as being grey, but you can obviously see that this PCGS MS64 1835 CBH half dime is blue! Lucky for me, as it was less expensive since he didn't appreciate its beauty. This was taken with a pair of OTT lamps and is somewhat overlit.

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Collectosaurus Rex



Michael- It is hard to believe this pattern is actually struck in copper. Even with the coin in hand it looks like a toned silver piece.




mark 893whatthe.gif

that coin is amazing flamed.gifflamed.gifflamed.gifflamed.gif




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tom those three coins are amazing wild!!


i remember out conversation on the blue toned indian cent 1891 and yes it was early morning 27_laughing.gif with the new babee this will not happen often again


it is a really cool coin and is amazing in that it it totALLY blue not only evenly colored but both sides


really uncommon as such it is not an album toned but an envelope toned coin and usually they are not this nice coming out of the envelope as they are usually not even blue or are one sided nice the other not too nice or just ugly


but your coin to be even even both sides like your coin with the great colors and gem grade with great eye appeal!!

is nothing short of amazing


the seated half dime well that coin the photo speaks for itself wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i would love to see this capped bust half dime looks wild and for me the rarest coin of the bunch and a gem too!!



i can see why the seller sold the coin for a less expensive price then you thought as collectors really do not see such coins and hence do not understand them so they actually acclaim.gif


fear them as usually human nature being what it is many fear what they do not know or understand just a defense mechnism


which is okie and i am sure saves many......... but you miss some really great things as even if you do not know and understand them they are still great not all of the time mind you but in the case of this capped bust half dime it was true!!



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Oh my goodness!!! Those are some awesome coins! Thanks so much for posting. This is one of my all time favorite threads. Let me see what I can dig up...


The 1907 barber dime:




The proof Merc:




And one of my favorite Roosevelts:




Yes, I did stick with dimes. But there was an incredible Buffalo and 1/5 dollar also on this thread. Wow!

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