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what would you grade this CWT?

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it's been cleaned at some point and is retoning pretty nicely. I didn't even see those marks on the reverse until I saw my images.

I took the pics in nice sunlight.


btw, it's a monitor token. I'm curious about grading on these because they sure seem to be overgraded(at least to me) at times when slabbed.

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I'd grade it "bad." So, please send to Hoot, c/o Warm Strings Mental Facility, Askoshtotheleft, Montana, 55555. And stop these rediculous posts on CWTs. insane.gifinsane.gifinsane.gif



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The obverse looks like a choice EF, but the reverse shows signs of cleaning, retoning and scratches. As such I'd have to net it down to VF-20 or so.


These pieces tend to come in grades ranging from EF-40 to AU-55. I've never seen a full red Unc., but I've also never seen a piece that was worn to down a "true" (not net graded) VF either.


Like most Civil War tokens, these pieces did circulate for very long.

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